Plymouth Area News for the week of June 19th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Hancock County Retired Teachers met at the Living Faith United Methodist Church on Monday evening.  Members of the church catered the dinner which was great.  We enjoyed the Moore’s wonderful chicken salad, many nice salads, lovely fruit and pie.  The program was on the teacher’s retirement system given by Rich Frankenfeld via the phone as there was a time mix up.
Loaded the van this week for 3rd Sunday Market so that took a lot of time.  Had guests stop by the store to visit a couple of times this week.  Always good to talk to friends.
I learned something this week. Squirrels eat strawberries.  I just thought my plants were too dry, which they were, to produce many strawberries but imagine my surprise when I watched a squirrel carefully pick a strawberry, climb up on the nice block enclosure I built around the patch, sit up on his hinny and take the strawberry between his front feet and eat it then go back for another.  Do hope they enjoy my strawberries!!  I think that since the squirrel knew it was eating my fruit that it thought it should do something for me in return so I enjoyed watching the squirrel play with a corn cob. The cob was on the ground and the squirrel rolled with it, lay on his back and kicked it and just generally enjoyed himself playing with the cob for my entertainment.
Had some blood drawn on Thursday morning and thankfully the doctor pronounced me healthy.
Friday, the Central Class of 1967 invited me to attend their 50th class reunion.  They were the second class I taught at Central so are not so different in age than I am.  It was held in Quincy at the Holiday Inn.  There were many photos of the class of ’67 as well as photo exhibits of those who have passed on.  It was a very nice evening and I enjoyed being able to attend.  I would like to thank the class for inviting me if any read this column.
Took off for Bloomington on Saturday morning and made it without having to buy a new tire this month.  Got set up and had time to do a bit of shopping for the store at the show.  Went to dinner at our favorite restaurant with 4 other friends.  Turned out that the new couple with us wrote a book on Scales which I carry at the antique store.  It is a very good book and it was nice to meet the authors.  Got loaded in good time and got home safely.
When I watched the news tonight, I found out that there were a lot of storms in our area on Saturday night.  It rained in Bloomington but there were no storms.  I do not think there is storm damage in Plymouth but it sounds like Mt Sterling got hit pretty seriously.
By the time this paper comes out, the blood drive will be over but I would like to remind you anyway that there will be a blood drive on Tuesday from 12:30-5:30 at the PCCC.  You may call Pat Phelps to make an appointment at 309 458 6416.
I must say that Harry is happy to see me.  Since I was at Church Conference last week and 3rd Sunday Market this week, he has been feeling neglected.
My flowers are doing great.  The 1.3 inches of rain helped and then we have had showers since then.  I have planted a lot of lilies and many of them are blooming.  I also have quite a few Martha Washington geraniums in pots which are blooming.  Love both of those flowers.
Hope you enjoyed the showers and that you had no storm damage.  Scatter Kindness.
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