Plymouth Area News for the week of June 26th, 2017

Busy week.  Drive by the store and see the brighter colors on the old café building.  Still work to do but looking much better.  Goes with the new sign on the east edge of Plymouth.
Quick trip to Macomb for groceries.  Currently in love with Noosa Aussie yoghurt.  That is the way it is spelled on the container.  I have tried several flavors and they are all delicious.
Tuesday, Plymouth Women’s Circle sponsored a Red Cross blood mobile at the PCCC.  We collected 19 pints of blood.  A big thank you to all who helped and all who gave.
Wednesday we had a meeting at Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen to get off to a running start with our new pastor, Sheri Renner.  We had a great attendance and are really looking forward to welcoming Sheri next Sunday.  Already planning a welcome pot luck for her.  Sunday school at 9 and church at 10 am.  Come join us.
Friday was interesting.  Since I had not gotten a new mattress for about 20 years, decided it was time.  Sam’s had one $500 off if you bought it on line.  They promised white glove delivery and that they would take away your old mattress so I ordered a king set for my bedroom.  I had a choice of regular or low profile box springs and I NOW understand what that means.  I had them take away a king set from one of the guest rooms, had them move my set to a guest room and put the new set on my bed.  Only one problem was immediately evident.  I needed a stool to get up on the bed.  Yes really!  Knew that would not work as I would hurt myself trying to get off and on the bed in the dark and missing the stool.  Logical mind that I have says, set the box springs on the floor instead of the bed frame.  Gathered screw drivers, hammer, crescent wrench and set to work.  Have you ever tried to move a king mattress and box springs by your self?  Then have you ever dismantled a very well made, nice king frame?  The metal hooks would not slide up so I decided to take the screws out of the holder.  Three came out, the fourth was under the metal frame.  Used a hammer and flathead screw driver to wedge the whole block off the frame.  Took out the center metal box spring holder, took out the slats and got the box spring on the floor.  Got the mattress wrestled back on to the box springs, got the bed skirt and the sheets on and tried it out.  Comfortable but by then I was so tired I could not sleep and had to get up at 6 am anyway so not much of a problem.  Moral of this story, ask what it means when they ask you if you want a “low profile” box spring.
Saturday I headed for Monmouth for the Collectors of Illinois Stoneware and Pottery swap meet.  My friends who always save me a place didn’t think I was coming so did not save me a place to park.  Worked out OK as they were in the shade and were cold and I got a place in the sun and sold a lot.  Headed home early to try to get to at least part of the Sullivan And Son sale.  Only got there for 30 minutes of the sale and saw a lot of things I would like to have had that were already sold.  Why or why is everything on the same day??
After church this morning, I finished baking my dishes for the Carle family reunion which the Plymouth Women’s Circle was serving this afternoon-Sunday.  They finally got done about 5 minutes before we were to serve.  They had a great crowd and we had great food so all went well.  The Carle family are musicians.  After lunch a group began to sing and play.  Three of us stayed and watched the music for some time.  I came home to do a few things I had to do and went back.  They were still playing at 7:30 pm.  It was really nice to see family musicians having such a good time playing together.  Rod Baker was on drums and one of the Beck Brothers was also playing.  It was a good day.
Bruce and Wanda Eddington were at church today.  It was so nice to see them. 
Just noticed I had not turned over my birthday calendar and that it was still on May.  Happy Birthday Mimi Lawton on Monday the 26th and to Wanda Eddington on the 29th.  Also want to wish Mary Ruth And John Phillips a wonderful 60th anniversary on the 30th.  They must have been married in grade school.
The weather has been just wonderful.  May it continue.  Have a great week.  Scatter kindness.
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