Plymouth Area News for the week of June 20, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Plymouth Women’s circle sponsored a Red Cross blood mobile at the PCCC on Tuesday.  Fifteen pints of blood were collected.  Not a large number of pints but 15 more than they had at the start of the day.  Thank you circle for sponsoring the blood drive.
Wednesday I bought soil to fill one of the big cast iron pots.  Oh my.  Anyway I got both of them planted this week and with a lot of watering, hopefully the flowers will take off despite the very hot weather.
There was a Maine coon cat at the store.  Rushed home to be sure my Royal Family were all ok and where they were supposed to be.  Suspect this kitty is a relative to my kitties.  It is very pretty.
This weekend was 3rd Sunday Market weekend so I unloaded, priced and reloaded the van this week.  Left fairly early on Saturday morning.  My niece, Marcella Hardin, beat me there so we go set up in pretty good time.  Our “neighbors” Mike and Bill were already set up.  Bill had three brand new stitches just above one eye.  Said he had “run into a wall”!  Good to see many of our other friends at the show.  If my antique show economic forecast is correct, the economy is dismal.  We did not take in one check or one credit card.  Always feel that check and credit card use show a willingness to spend.  I don’t think all cash shows a strong feeling for the economy.
Had an offer of some milk weed plants so am going to try to start some in my yard for the monarch butterflies.
The news was very long last week and is going to be very short this week as it has been a long and busy week for me.
Hope you have a good week and remember to scatter kindness.
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