Plymouth Area News for the Week of June 8th

Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner

Plymouth Women’s Circle is sponsoring a Red Cross blood drive on Tuesday, June 23rd at the PCCC from 1-6 pm. Blood is especially needed in the summer so plan to give if at all possible. You can make an appointment by calling Pat Phelps at 309 458 6416.

Kayla McCurdy is looking for houses to clean in the Plymouth area. You may reach her at 309 333 8564.
Bruce Morton and Emily Mattson were honored to have their art hung in the new Memorial Medical building in Carthage. Congratulations to both these people. There have been pictures of these photos on face book and they are quite nice.
Have had roofers on my house every day this week by 7 am. So much for sleeping in. Would not climb on my roof for any amount of money and am glad that someone is willing to do that job. They have found a few things that the last roofers did not do correctly but the roof has lasted for almost 30 years so I have no complaints. Hope this one does as well.

The Plymouth Village Board meeting was held on Wednesday. I felt it went very well. Each Board member is in charge on a committee. That is good but more than one Board member will have to work on anything to get things done. Currently the Village is charging less for water than it costs to produce it so that issue must be addressed. Former mayor Jim Mattson and Board members Michelle Burton and Wendi Mattson have worked long and hard to find the actual cost of producing a gallon of water which may seem like an easy task but is not. There was also discussion of changing the 3 tier garbage rate for the Village. Hopefully more work will be done to get dangerous buildings and homes taken down before some is seriously hurt.

Thursday I went to an auction in Macomb and got some things for the store. If you need large horns or local feed sacks, please drop by Plymouth Rock Antiques between noon and 5 pm.

Also visited with Dot Burdett at Heartland on Thursday. She seems to be doing well at the present time.

Friday I had dinner at Ma and Pa’s in Plymouth. Had the best walleye that I have ever had there. It was lightly breaded and well cooked. Yum! Also had B&B guests on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Sunday after church had lunch with a group from Living Faith United Methodist Church at the Bowen Diner. Really enjoy eating with a group of friends.

After lunch I headed for Quincy. Mary Hohe fell and broke her hip and I had heard so many bad things about that incident that I felt I had to find her and see her for myself. She is currently at Good Samara tin Home in Quincy which is located at the south end of 22nd street. She is on the lower level where rehabilitation is done. I was really pleased to find her doing well. She has trouble keeping food down sometimes but that is due to a medication problem. She took a few steps without her walker but should probably use a walking aid. She is looking forward to being at home in a couple of weeks and is in great spirits as usual. Was very glad to see her and find that she is doing well.

There is going to be a dog sniffing event in Plymouth on Saturday. The base will be at the Community Center on the east side of the Square. I have a lady coming to the B&B with her dog from Pennsylvania for three days and am looking forward to learning more about dog sniffing!

Just watched the news on WGEM and they reported storm damage in the area on Sunday evening. Also saw Dennis Rankin on a story about the Chaddock Rose Tea. Though I was invited, I chose to spend the afternoon with May Hohe as I mentioned previously. Chaddock is very important to the well being of many young people in the area and actually around the nation and world. Please support them if you have the opportunity as they are building a new and larger school to serve their students better.

Hope you have a good week. It is supposed to get pretty warm this week. Guess I will have to break down and turn on the AC. Scatter Kindness.

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