Plymouth Area News for the Week of June 1st

Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner

I learned that Kent Boyd passed away on Saturday, May 23rd. He and his wife used to live in Plymouth and he went to Plymouth High School and graduated with the class of 1967. Our sympathy to the family.

Monday the Plymouth American Legion celebrated memorial Day with a celebration on the Plymouth Square. They were also joined by the local Boy Scout Troop. After the program everyone was invited to a pot luck lunch at the Legion building. I would like to thank the members of the American Legion both for the celebration and for inviting everyone to lunch. Both were appreciated.

Also thanks to the two people from Plymouth who shopped the antique store this week.

The fish in one of my fish ponds died this winter and the water got really dirty, so this week I took a bucket and emptied the pond. Refilled it and then bought some gold fish for it. As I was not sure they could adapt from the store to an out door pond, I also dipped some small fish from one of my other ponds. Now there are fish in all three ponds and they look pretty good. One pond is practically covered with water lily leaves. The water lily has large pink blossoms and I look forward to its blooming season again this year.

IEAR met at Rushville on Tuesday evening. The program was given by three men for Iraq. It was very interesting to hear about Iraq from a native’s point of view. They said the top and bottom of the country were safe and that only the middle of the country was not. They are in the US attending college. Each of them graduated at the top of their class in college in Iraq and as a result are attending school in the US with all expenses paid by their country. Men are not allowed to shake hands with women which we learned after some had already done so. Instead of praying before a meal as we do, they pray when the food is being killed for eating so they did not join us for meatloaf.

Have been mowing again. Have well over half of the yard done. I weed a flower bed and come back a couple of weeks later and it has more weeds. Just does not seem fair.

Friday evening our Emmaus group met in my dining room. Barb Clem was hostess. We decided to join the Emmaus group at Macomb for the June meeting. I know that I have Pottery on The Square on that day so will miss it.

Speaking of pottery, there was a pottery swap meet at White Hall on Saturday morning. Got up early and headed for White Hall. It was raining lightly all morning but there was still a good crowd. Sold a couple of crocks and several books on pottery.

Stopped by Dorothy’s Market in Mt Sterling on the way home and bought some stuffed crab. Also got some sweet potato fries and some flavored walnuts. All essential parts of the healthy food group!

Got a call on my cell on Saturday evening. The caller said he was doing a poll for CNN. I doubted that very much and almost hung up but decided to listen to a couple of questions and see if they were biased or if it was possible that it was a ligament poll. After a few questions, I decided it was for real and talked with the gentleman for probably 10 minutes. Imagine he was surprised at a lot of my answers as my political views are not those of most of the people in Hancock County. Eventually he said that he enjoyed talking with me and that he “enjoyed my jokes”.

Was liturgist at Living Faith United Methodist Church this morning as Regan Ramsey was supposed to be liturgist and he was going to be out of town and asked me to fill in for him. Had lunch with Dennis and Carol Rankin and Jo Webster again this week. Went to Macomb to visit with Dot Burdett at Heartland then mowed and pulled weeds all evening. Got a lot done and as it is to be dry this week, may be able to get the yard finished so that I can start over again.

Thanks to Sally Crofot who worked the store a couple of days this week so I could do some other things.
Dylan and Kayla McCurdy are missing a small brown shepherd dog. If you have any knowledge of what may have happened to it, please let me or them know.

Have a great week. Keep the health and safety of your neighbors and their pets in your thoughts and prayers. Pets are family for a lot of us. Scatter Kindness.

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