Plymouth Area News for the Week of May 25th

Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner

Monday Plymouth Women’s Forum met at the PCCC. Hostesses were Katherine Kee and Evelyn Baker.

On Monday evening I headed to Macomb for a combined meeting of the McDonough County Historical Society and the Genealogical Society. It was held at the Spoon River Campus. Allen Nemec spoke on the homes in Macomb which were built before 1870. He also told about the owners of the homes for the genealogists in the crowd. The evening began with a pot luck. Knew several of the members of the societies as I have worked on the Vishnu project with some of them as well as knowing some through the Western Illinois Museum. Interesting evening.
Tuesday Kayla McCurdy stopped by the antique store to visit. Was nice to see her.

Wednesday I picked up one of my lawn mowers from Bowen so now the spare is ready when one gets overworked and won’t start.

Also on Wednesday the Plymouth Women’s Circle fixed dinner for the Village Board members and employees of the Village and their families. Hope the newly seated Board members and the new Village President will have the backing of area residents and that they will be able to work together for the good of the village. Trying to figure out how and where to park heavy trucks in the Village for the least damage to the streets has not been a good beginning for the Board. That got way too complicated and an obvious solution to the problem was withdrawn. On a brighter note, I went to the cemetery today and it looked great. I also noted that some of the early broken stones were repaired. Thanks to those who have worked on the cemetery.

Thursday Lowderman’s had a well publicized auction. Was not as much there as I expected. Got some things for the store but was disappointed. Stopped by to visit Dot Burdett at Heartland and she said that her sister from Kansas City had been to visit her. Was glad to hear that.

Friday I had a B&B guest arrive. She was attending a seminar at Harold and Debbie Daniels home. Think I had several guests from a similar event last year.

As the Rankin’s are moving to Quincy, I went to their home and picked up quite a lot of merchandise for the store on Saturday morning.

Sunday Barb Clem gave the message at Living Faith United Methodist Church. The crowd was light, partially due to it being Memorial Day weekend I suppose. Had lunch with Dennis and Carol Rankin and Jo Webster after church.

Decided that I had better hit the cemeteries with flowers so got to the Argyle Cemetery where my mother’s family is buried and to Colchester Cemetery where my family is buried. Did not get to Missouri this year. Sorry that the Gentry graves may not have been visited but there is a very large Gentry family still in existence.

I keep leaning that if a gutter is not draining properly and one tries to fix that problem, that one should not be anywhere near the opening when they do it. After changing my wet clothes again- one day I may remember that!

Hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend. For some it is an exciting weekend as well as the beginning of summer but it should be remembered as a day that we celebrate those who have gone before us. We should remember them by stopping by their graves and leaving flowers for them. My mother always took iris and pennies and this year they were in full bloom for the holiday. Often they are not so I have resorted to taking silk flowers which look nice and last longer.

Thanks to Rudy who wrote a thoughtful article for the paper about the value of cats in a community .
Have a great week. Scatter Kindness.

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