Plymouth Area News for the Week of May 18th

Plymouth area News by Joyce Steiner

With all the rain we have been having, the grass and weeds are really growing. Try to mow some of my yard every day to keep up and to get some exercise. Right now I am not keeping up very well. Thanks to Sam Meek who mowed behind the antique store. Found a poison ivy plant in one of my flower beds. Saw it and cut it out then went inside and washed with pure dish soap to cut the oil. Did not work. I got poison ivy on one wrist which spread to the other arm which spread to my neck when I slept on my arm and more. Itchy mess.

So sorry to hear about the awful train wreck. It seems that there was only one engineer on the train and that it went into a curve with a 50 mph speed limit going 106 mph. I am sure there is more to this story, that we do not know, but am so very sorry for all those involved and their families.

Wednesday evening Plymouth Women’s Circle met at the PCCC at 7 pm. Hostesses were Mimi Lawton and Judy Gordy. The program was given by Greg Phelps and was on tomb stones and their meaning. It was a very interesting program and I was glad to finally be able to hear it. Learned that there was a female counter part to the KKK which I did not know before.

Thursday the phone woke me. Was a fellow class mate from the food handling course. She had been trying to get on the web site to get her score from the test. I went down stairs and successfully got on the site and called her back and told her where she had gone wrong. Hope she got on the site after that. While trying to help her, I did find my own score and found that I passed with a better score than I had thought. Glad for that. Now I will need to send the state another 35 dollars to get my license renewed.

Got a couple of phone calls this week concerning Dot Burdett at Heartland. She is having difficulty swallowing so they are going to adjust her food and see if that helps.

Had a house full of B&B guests on Friday evening. They were all attending graduation at Western Illinois University. Got every body settled in on Friday then got some fed on Saturday morning before I left for 3rd Sunday Market.

The weather prediction was not too good for the first 3rd Sunday but it turned out to be OK. We had some wind Saturday evening and some canopies were having some difficulty but don’t think there was much damage. Sunday turned out to be a nice day and there was a really big crowd. My 3rd Sunday Market economic forecast is that people are still not spending freely as no one asked to use credit cards and we only got one check. Was good to see friends who I have not seen since last fall at 3rd Sunday Market.

Got home safely and there was some very pretty pink skies while driving home.

As you can imagine, I am pretty well ready for some rest.

Have a great week. Scatter Kindness.

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