Plymouth Area News for the week of March 14th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Hope you were able to be part of an awesome day in Plymouth on Saturday.  My day began early.  Arrived at the Community Center at 6:30 am to find Dennis Hillard and Dylan McCurdy already there.  The sausage gravy was made and work was well under way on getting the buffet line set up and breakfast started.  Jim and Wendi Mattson arrived and sausage patties took shape, eggs were scrambled, hash browns cooked and ham prepared.  Made up some blue berry pancake batter and the fresh fruit was fixed so we were ready when a good crowd arrived by 7:30 am.  It soon became evident that we needed more cooks and Lisa and Mark Kelly stepped in and helped out all morning. A very big thank you to them.   Wendi prepared grilled cinnamon rolls and we had a good morning.  We are so thankful for all who came out to support Plymouth Pride whose goal is to rescue the building which houses the Community Center on the east side of the square. 
We got a very generous donation later in the afternoon which takes us half way to the goal for the roof on the community center.  We are very grateful for that donation.  It often seems that for each step forward, there are other obstacles that crop up.  We now need to raise even more money to replace the northeast corner of the building which needs a more solid foundation and to have brick replaced.
If you think preserving buildings is not important, try talking to people who have lost their schools, their churches, the home they grew up in and more.  I sometimes still go into the PCCC and sit in the seat where Ben sat when we attended church there. 
After breakfast, headed to Plymouth Rock Antiques.  Had at least fifteen customers on Saturday.  Met a couple from Jacksonville, who had seen the sign I left on the building which did house the Country Peddler shop, and they came to Plymouth to visit my store.  Had a good afternoon.
Just as soon as I closed the store, went to the Plymouth Circle Community Center where the Plymouth Women’s Circle was having and chicken and noodle dinner to raise money to help preserve that building.  When our churches merged, our women’s group was already formed and we were there to step in and preserve  the building for the community.  That building is important to Plymouth too.  Many of us attended it as our church,  others were married and buried from there.  It is now used for family gatherings, funerals, musical events, suppers and more.  Will try to give some credit to a lot of very hard working women. (There are some hard working men who also keep the building going but that is another story.)  Members of Plymouth Women’s Circle include Judy Allen, Dixie Anderson, Rhonda Baker, Charlotte Dorethy, Mel Dorethy, Wanda Eddington, Marge Goodin, Judy Gordy, AJ Johnson, Marlene Kimble, Mimi Lawton, Wendi Mattson, Janet Norris, Bev Phelps, Jessica Phelps, Pat Phelps, Pat Rash, Joyce Steiner and Carolyn Ussery.  Two of our members are currently in nursing homes and two of our members are currently fighting cancer.  Though Carolyn’s name is last on the list, alphabetical order,  she is our chicken and noodle maker.  I know that you will all agree that she does a great job-her chicken and noodles are wonderful.  Each lady brought a dessert and all work very hard doing all the things necessary to put on a feast for the community.  This group works tirelessly for the  Plymouth Circle Community Center and for the greater good of the Plymouth Community.  Thank you for your support of the dinner.
As I was headed into the building, two ladies were coming out and they stopped me to say how much they look forward to my column.  I have to admit that it is really nice to hear compliments on this column.  I am faithful about writing it every Sunday evening and it does take time and energy. 
So thanks everyone who came out to support two good causes on Saturday.  Know that your support was appreciated by those who are working so hard to try to better our Plymouth community.
Spring is in the air.  Enjoy it.  Scatter Kindness.
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