Plymouth Area News for the week of March 7th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Just a reminder that the 2nd Saturday Plymouth Pride Breakfast is this Saturday at the Community Center from 7-10 am.
Also the Plymouth Women’s Circle chicken and noodle dinner is this Saturday from 4:30-7 pm at the PCCC.  Hope to see you for both events.
Had a message to let all know that Florence Mustard passed away.  Seems she lived several places in the area.  Our sympathy to the family.
Monday I actually had two blooming crocus on the south side of my house.  Have many tulips, daffodils, Lenten roses and more up and budded.  Now if we just get some warm weather to bring them to flower.
Have been trimming on the box woods.  Should get them finished this week.  Thus far I think they look OK as I have not trimmed box woods before.
Headed over to Sullivan and Son to pick up the head of an antique iron and brass bed on Tuesday morning.  It is now all at Plymouth Rocks Antiques and is a beautiful antique bed.
Visited with AJ Johnson at the Golden Good Shepherd home on Tuesday evening.  We both raise orchids and I have several of hers on my window sill.  One of her miniature orchids was blooming and I wanted to take it to her as there is room for it on her window sill at Golden.  Marlene Kimble is also at Golden but she was in the hospital on Tuesday.
We had six ladies present for Bible study on Thursday morning.  Dixie Anderson was hostess.  The Bible study is lead by Pat Phelps.
The Plymouth Village Board is working very hard to try to get the Village of Plymouth cleaned up.  We have some vacant structures which need to be demolished.  Macomb just got a very large grant to do the same thing.  There has been some progress to buildings on the Square this week.  Hope this continues.  
Calvin Steiner celebrated his 9th birthday on Sunday at a birthday party hosted by his parents, Shawna and Curtis Steiner.  The party was attended by Roger and Rachel Steiner, Marcella Hardin, Don Sprinkle, Shawna’s father, and mother, Shawna’s sister, Brooke and her friend, Joyce Steiner and the host family.  Calvin got lots of nice presents.  Lunch was enjoyed by all present.
There was also a birthday party held at the Plymouth Community Center on Saturday.  I  got a piece of birthday cake from that party too.   Thank You.
More progress being made on the pizza place to be located in the east end of the Community Center.  Floor was being put down on Sunday evening.  Lots of people helping with the project.
Tried something new last week.  I am always hesitant to make lasagna as it takes so many pots and pans to make the ingredients needed.  Instead of lasagna noodles, I found a recipe that used spaghetti.  One sprayed a baking dish then placed cooked spaghetti in the dish.  On the spaghetti, place a cheese layer, I used a cheesy white sauce with cottage and mozzarella cheese.  Add another layer of cooked spaghetti and then top with  meat sauce.  I used sweet Italian turkey sausage and spaghetti sauce.  Topped that with mozzarella and parmesan cheese and baked it for 30 minutes at 350 degree.  Not sure it was any easier than using lasagna noodles but was very good.
Have a great week.  Pray for your neighbors.  Think Spring.  Scatter Kindness.
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