Plymouth Area News for the week of March 23rd, 2020, by Joyce Steiner

Bill Finney passed away on Monday.  He attended Living Faith UMC in Bowen.  The obituary in the Quincy paper gave a long list of his life’s work.  He will be greatly missed.  It is my understanding that the visitation was held and that a public service of remembrance will be held later.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Noticed that Marcia Duffy had also passed away.  She often came to the store and bought mini lamps.  I will miss seeing her.

Someone’s pet kitty came to the store because he was very sick.  He was friendly and tried to come inside.  He passed in a warm kitty house with food if he could eat.  He also received a decent burial.  If you are missing a large red kitty, he is at rest.

The primary election was on Tuesday.  Hope you got a chance to vote.  Don’t think there were any surprises.

Got started on my yard work.  It has been too cold since and it is even snowing as I write this on Sunday afternoon.  I want warm weather and sunshine so I can at least work in the yard if I cannot have the store open.

All the news is about the Corona virus.  Explainations include that it has jumped from animals to humans by mutating.  It is also likely to mutate again so is difficult to make a vaccine and even if that is accomplished, it will take time.  No need for crazy talk about this being created and escaping from a lab.  Science shows that is just not true.

Went to Dittmar Tax Service on Wednesday morning to get my taxes started.  I have two file folders on my desk.  One is for tax receipts and one is for house receipts.  All year long when I get something related to either, I put it in the folder so at the end of the year, I do not have to look for anything.  Works for me.  I also close out the store at the end of each month so I know where I stand before year’s end.  Sometimes it would be better not to know!

I had not been anywhere since last Friday so went to Macomb for a few groceries on Friday morning.  It was an eventful trip.  Store lots were pretty full.  People were very friendly.  Everyone kept their distance like is suggested but were very polite.  I was able to buy a package of toilet paper at WalMart which is a good thing as I have a long term guest.  Never in my life did I think I would be happy to pay $17.48 plus tax for a package of toilet paper!

Glad that I was able to get groceries on Friday morning because by Friday afternoon we were all asked to close and stay home.  Closed my store on Saturday not knowing when I will be able to reopen.  I feel so sorry for the restaurants and bars because they had to close before I had to.  If there is any way you can support the businesses in the area, hope you will do so.  Ed Newton said he had ordered dinner from Jen’s Restaurant in Bowen on Friday evening and that they had done a good business on Friday evening.

Since there is very little going on, you may hear a lot about eating!  Lee Hamm mentioned that he had fixed tuna noodle casserole.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I had not fixed that for a very long time so decided to fix a batch.  I used about half a package of noodles which I cooked as usual. Instead of using soup, I used a jar of Alfredo sauce, a package of frozen peas, a small onion ground fine as this does not bake long enough to fully cook it.  I used a big can of tuna and seasonings.  You can also add grated cheese and top it with cheese or crushed potato chips or crushed cheese crackers, whatever you like.  Bake at 350 until the top is browned and enjoy.  You can buy a big jar of Great Value Alfredo sauce at Walmart reasonably.  Makes a big batch, think I ate on it for about a week!

Anyway, today I made black bean chili with a corn bread topping in the slow cooker.  Adventures in cooking while I have so much free time.  This may not work out well.  Right now it is too cold to walk much or to work outside and laying on the bed watching TV and reading does not go well with extra cooking.

Pray for yourself, for your neighbors and for our Country.  This is a time like none of us have seen before.  Be kind to everyone as we are all in this together.  Stay home.  You may be healthy but those you come in contact may not be!


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