Plymouth Area News for the week of March 16th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner0,


It is very difficult to know  what to write for this week.  A week that brought daylight savings back which disrupts our lives for a while, a full moon, a Friday the 13th, a batch of snow and one thing none of us have seen before, the closing of schools, churches, restaurants and bars and the banning of large gatherings.  I, or no one else, knows how this will play out.  When my life is in peril, I always look at the worst that could happen and then back up from there. The worst that we think can  happen to any of us is passing on to the next phase of our lives.  Right now we have the option of cremation.  That means that this service could be performed and funeral services held when gatherings are once again safer.  Now that we have faced the worst fear, we can move on.  I pray for all those workers who will not be able to go to their jobs this week.  I pray for all those children who will not see their friends in school this week.  I pray for all those who may not have enough food stocked up to last for a while and so much more.  I have lived many years and yet I have not seen times like we are experiencing now.  Because we have not lived through this situation before, none of us know what to expect.  Life will go on.  We will sleep and wake, eat and hopefully find ways to make the best of our time.

A friend on face book suggested having  younger children make cards or write notes to those in nursing homes who can no longer have visitors.  Older students could help their neighbors clean their lawns, parks, roadsides, work on that term paper or do something they have never had time for like write, learn a language, learn to cook, help with chores and so much more.  Hopefully we can all look at this as a time to do some of those things we have always wanted to do so long as it does not require a large group to do it.

On the more mundane part of this weeks life, I got a call at 7:30 am from a group wanting money.  If your group needs anything, I suggest you do not call before 8 am!

On Wednesday evening, Plymouth Women’s Circle met at the PCCC at 6:30 pm.  You may already know that I own a home built by Henry Metzger and the building which housed the bank which the Metzger family owned.  As a result, I have tried to gain some knowledge of the four generations of the Metzger family in Plymouth.  I gave a brief presentation on this subject to the group.  Randy Smith, who is on the Metzger Board, also attended and gave some information on the Board and on some of the plans which they have for Plymouth.  Hope everyone learned a bit more about the family who have been so generous to our small village.

Thursday evening was also interesting.  Came down to the kitchen about 11 pm just in time to hear a strange sound then the smell of burning wire.  A bit of investigation in the kitchen showed that a ground fault electrical outlet had tripped.  With the help of my neighbors, we were able to find the circuit and shut off the breaker.  At that point, I thought the threat of my home burning was probably over and went to bed.  Hollister’s had fun trying to fix the problem the next day.

Friday evening, I decided to buy some groceries as usual and found Aldi’s parking lot filled.  Immediately figured that this was not a good sign.  Many people were pushing carts overflowing with goods and paper towels as there was no toilet paper to be had anywhere.  Wonder what all these hoarders will do with all the toilet paper since the Corona virus is not that kind of virus!

Sunday was spent at a Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware Board meeting near Greenfield.  Board members plan the events of the group.  We also eat well.  Good group of people.

Though we are in uncertain times, nothing will be gained by panic and hoarding.  Try to be extra kind to those you interact with as we are all scared.  We may need to help out working parents with children who are home due to school closings.  We will have extra time due to no large gatherings, sporting events, church, eating out etc.  Try to use that time for something positive.  Above all just be kind, we all need kindness every day but even more so now in this uncharted situation we find ourselves in through no fault of our own.  Now more than ever, “ May God bless America.”

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