Plymouth Area News for the week of March 9th, 2020, by Joyce Steinery


Dillon Flesner, son of Greg and Alana Flesner, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Omaha this week.  Services were held on Thursday at Living Faith UMC in Bowen.  He was a 2008 graduate of Southeastern.  The members of the church served a meal after the services.  So sad to lose such  young person with so much potential for his life.  So very sorry.

Also learned this week that a long time friend and one of our financial planners passed.   Bob McMahon passed in Macomb after a long health struggle.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Normally have the store closed on Monday but after two people called and asked me to open for them on Monday, I did so.  Always try to accommodate customers when I am able.

Attended the Hancock County Democrat meeting in Carthage on Monday.  Tony Cameron from Quincy was the speaker.

Also watched part of the “Bachelor” on Monday.  The show took on a current problem in our society.  One of the Bachelorettes was black and some of the women for the last Bachelor were either black or nonwhite.  They have received awful hate messages even to the point of threatening their lives.  This is not OK.  We have a leader who feels free to belittle people and call them names, this is not OK either.  We are better than being a racist nation.

After going to Macomb on Wednesday morning to purchase fruit for the funeral dinner and having the store open, I attended the Plymouth Village Board meeting.  All Board members were present.  It was a long Board meeting with lots of discussion.  There was discussion on hiring a full time police officer.  It was decided to do so if funding could be obtained from the Metzger Board.  The Village Board approved more money to be spent on the ball diamond by the Metzger Board.  There was discussion on hiring an engineering firm to design and provide a long term plan for the Village for use by the Metzger Board.  A part time helper was hired to assist with mowing and what ever work needs to be done for the Village.  The helper will be on a 90 day trial with a salary of $10 per hour.

Thursday was spent at the Lowderman Auction in Macomb.  Missed a quilt that I really wanted when I went for a sandwich.  Should have skipped that meal!

Dave’s Small Engine Shop picked up three of my mowers on Friday.  Trying to get a head start because everyone always wants their mowers serviced at the same time.

Had a great day at the antique store on Friday.  As a result, I thought Saturday would be great too.  Not!  Also noticed there were lots of kids in the park on Friday.  The wind was blowing really hard and junk which had been laying in my neighbors yard since December ended up in front of the antique store.  Would have been easier for the owner to have just put it in his trash can instead of tossing it in the yard for me to eventually pick it up after being carried by the wind.

Sunday, Living Faith had a trivia afternoon as a fundraiser for “Our Conference Our Kids” a project of the United Methodist Church.  The funds go to aid five homes for children in Illinois.  There was a good crowd for both the lunch and the games.  We had several from the area also attend for the event.  Thanks to all who helped out.

Took another trip to the wind farm because a couple told me the wind turbines were operating on Saturday.  Though it was quite windy today, they were not operating.  Some of the blades were turning very, very slowly but definitely not in operating mode.  Since I was near Macomb anyway, I went for Chinese at HyVee.  What does it say about one’s day when your fortune cookie is empty!

Hope you have enjoyed the warm weather and sunshine.  The moon is also full.  Many of my flowers are in full bud and will bloom soon.  Heard that some corn had been planted near Hannibal.  Awe spring.  Hope the farmer is right.

The news is filled with COVID 19.   It is a very serious problem and the fear may very well throw the world economy into a free fall. I feel that we should also consider the thousands of people who starve to death each year.  Then there are the thousands who die from cancer.  There are many  people killed on our highways by other drivers who are drunk, high  or looking at their cell phones.  Lets try to keep things in perspective.  There are many serious problems in addition to COIVD 19.

Have a good week.   Pray for all those who have suffered the ultimate loss and for those who are ill.  Scatter Kindness.


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