Plymouth Area News for the week of May 15th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Learned today that Anne Johnson passed away this week.  Anne was a very big part of the Plymouth community for many years.  Her family had a well drilling business in Plymouth.  She was also very active in the Plymouth Methodist Church.  Mick and Anne moved to the Ozarks then Anne moved to Springfield to be closer to her daughter.  Our sympathy to the family and all her friends.
Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday evening at the PCCC.  The program was on dementia and was very interesting.  Hostesses were Mimi Lawton, Judy Gordy and right now I do not know where I put my book and do not know who the 3rd hostess was-sorry.
I got to remember why I have a B&B again this week.  I had three generations of a family here on Friday evening as they were attending graduation at Western.  The whole family was wonderful.  They were kind to me and really seemed to enjoy sharing my home and meeting Prince Harry.  Prince Harry was so glad to make new friends.  Hope they will return.  One couple had spent several years traveling around the country in a mobile home.  Ben and I considered that but did not know how we would manage our kitty family-a smaller trailer behind a larger one?
Had three members of the Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware in the shop this week.  Thanks to Jake Loring, David Hays and Susie Reicheneker.  Fun to visit with friends with similar interests. 
The weather has been really awesome this week.  My gage had about an inch of rain on Wednesday.  I watered potted plants tonight.
Today was Mother’s Day.  This is a day which honors mother’s and a day which I find difficult as I am sure many others do.  Some people did not have good mothers,  some women are not mothers, many women do not get married or are widows.  Mother’s day is the busiest day for restaurants which makes it difficult if one wants to eat out on Mother’s day and does not have a family.  I attended church, opened the store for some customers then headed to the Mississippi river.  Stopped at Subway and got a sandwich then found a place in the shade over looking the river.  Enjoyed a two hour vacation just watching the water go by.  There were some geese with children about half grown.  A really big fish jumped out of the water a couple of times.  Looked like a carp nose but I do not know if carp feed at the surface.  Drove on up the river drive to Nauvoo.  That is one of my favorite drives.  Brings back memories of my childhood when the Steiner family was fairly large and when we used to have picnics along the river.
Stopped by Dairy Queen and got a heath blizzard with chocolate ice cream-my favorite.  Next year I am going to have to teach Prince Harry to send me a card and buy me some flowers!
Got enough of my garden tilled to plant seven tomato plants.  That may be the total of my garden.  Also took my cactus out of the garage.  One of them had two red blossoms on it.
One of my baby cardinals left the nest today.  That was not a wise move as it is too little to fly well.  I do hope it went back to the nest.  The parents scold me when I am near the nest but are getting pretty used to me being around them and sit near me now.  Hope their family makes a successful exit from the nest. 
Hope you had a great week.  Enjoy the spring weather and the beautiful blooming trees.  There are lots of tress with white blossoms right now but I am not sure what kind of trees they are.  Scatter Kindness.
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