Plymouth Area News for the week of May 8th 2017 by Joyce Steiner

John Faulhaber, my tax accountant is retiring so I have had to find another tax person.  As John Faulhaber has always done Ben and my taxes, did not look forward to change but John Faulhaber suggested John Dittmer.  I have known John and Arlis Dittmer for a long time but never professionally.  Think this is going to be a good change.  Thanks to both John’s.
Ran to Quincy on Tuesday evening to get some landscape bricks.  Of course I had to stop by the Golden Corral. I was in hog heaven.  They had ribs-all sorts of ribs.  I got some barbequed ribs with bone in and some short ribs without bone.  There were huge beef ribs but I did not have room to try them too.  Asked one of the waitresses if they had barbeque every Tuesday.  She finally said they have ribs every Tuesday so guess she did not know what barbeque was.  Oh well.  They were great, now I just have to figure out an excuse to drive to Quincy on Tuesday evening a few more times.
Friday and Saturday Sullivan and Son had a great two day auction.  It was not a Donnie Weinberg auction, so I was able to buy.  Bought 4 quilts, spools, stoneware, rug beaters, lamp parts, a neat sled, doll dishes, candle molds, mirrors and much more for the store.  It was fun!
I winter my plants in my garage.  Because it is heated, I am able to keep most of my potted plants over for the next year and also my Boston ferns.  Hung the ferns out on the garage porch to give them a chance to acclimate before I put them in the gazebo.  This brought an unexpected happening. A female cardinal took a liking to one of them and built her nest in the fern.  Both the male and the female attend the nest.  It now has tiny babies in it.  That fern will probably die as I cannot water it, but am glad the birds are making it a home.  The male cardinal is getting much less scared of me.  Tonight we were both sitting on the garage porch.  He was perched on the handle of the lawn mower with in about 8 feet of me.  Love watching them and listening to them.  Hope they are able to successfully raise their family.  Those babies are going to need to stay in the fern until they can fly really well because landing on the ground in my yard would not be a good idea.  Though my kitties are very well behaved and they are not “birders” that would be a great temptation. 
 Had a lot of bunnies hopping around in my yard this evening.  I enjoy watching them but one of my neighbors evidentially does not as he tossed a big stick at one of them.  Fortunately he missed both of us as I was also working in my yard.
Got  my plants out of the garage and got some geraniums planted.  Still have to move the cactus out but just could not get everything done in one evening.  Need to do a lot of lawn mowing  also.  Do enjoy working out in the yard and watching my birds and bunnies.  Take some time to enjoy the beautiful spring weather.
Went to Macomb after church to pick up a few things and decided to stop by HyVee for lunch.  That was both a good idea and a bad idea.  They were crowded.  I ordered the salad bar.  Got my drink and put it on a the table and went to get food,  When I returned, someone had moved my drink and taken my table.  Found another spot to sit and when I went to get some soup, put my bill on a plate along with my drink but when I returned someone had moved my things and taken my table again.  I think HyVee needs to print a card or something on the back of your ticket saying “this table in use” as losing ones table each time you make a trip for food is a bit frustrating.
Curtis Eddington reported at church that Wanda Eddington is doing better.  There are several people in Plymouth who are in my prayers daily and she is one of them.  Please keep your neighbors in your thoughts and prayers and remember to Scatter Kindness.
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