Plymouth Area News for the week of May 2nd, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Have been reading Robyn Carr’s series about Virgin River.  It is a very small town with all the problems that small towns have.  However it has something else too.  The people support each other and care about each other.  People gather at the local bar to eat and visit with their neighbors.  New people come to town for various reasons and always find a soul mate. Would really love to see the people of Plymouth care about and support each other.
Tim Phelps came into the store this week and I really enjoyed talking with him.  We moved here in 1978 because we bought the house which used to belong to the Bell’s.  Love the house, love my store and love a lot of the people here.  Tim said there has always been “fighting” among the residents of Plymouth.  Hopefully we can change history.
  The Plymouth Business Association sold what remained of the theater seats in the Community Center this week.  This was necessary because they have not been used for years, there was no plan to use them again, they were taking up a lot of room and we need funds to repair the building.  Sad to see the old theater seats go.
I have discovered D&D scrap metal in Colchester as I mentioned last week.  They take all kinds of metal.  I have been hauling lights and all kinds of electrical things to Macomb and now find that one can take them to D&D.  They take old Christmas lights for the copper in the wire.  They take aluminum foil and old pie pans, as well as anything metal.  There is going to be some serious cleaning around my house  now that I know what to do with many of the things that need to go.
K9 Nose Works was in Plymouth again this week.  They worked their dogs around the Square and rented the Legion building several days.  Used the Community Center also and we thank them for coming to Plymouth.  Talked to one lady from Alaska.  Wow.  One person stopped by the store who thought that gypsies were in town but no, it was just really nice dog owners getting together to learn and train their dogs.
Chris Akers came this week and took some dead limbs out of two of my maple trees.  Hate to lose them so just take out the dead wood and hope the rest of the tree lives for a few more years.
Have been mowing most every day.  We had .5 and .7 inches of rain this week so the grass is growing.
Wednesday night there were storms in the area so my weather radios got a good work out and I had several bad hours because I am afraid of storms.  Anyway we got some much needed rain.
Saturday I went to the Sullivan Auction near Hamilton.  The prices were astounding. 
Enjoyed lunch with Mimi Lawton and KD’s Coop on Sunday.
Haeger Pottery is closing their plant at Dundee after 145 years.  Know that many people in the area will remember Haeger Pottery in Macomb.  I had an aunt and uncle who worked there.  Am sorry to see the company cease production as I love their pottery.
Got a call from Dylan and Kayla McCurdy to come to the Community Center as they were going to “fire up the pizza oven” and make some pizza as they are getting ready to open just as soon as they pass inspection.  The pizza was great.  We tried cheese, pepperoni, pepperoni and sausage, pepperoni and bacon and a supreme combination.  Really yummy!  Can’t wait to have them open and to have a new business in town.  Each business brings more people to town which helps all of us.
Have a great week.  Scatter kindness.
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