Plymouth Area News for the week of November 13th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

Been having hunters at the B&B all week.  One deer harvested thus far.  Had a hunter from Georgia come in to the store this week.  Loved him.  He had hair color and hair cut just like mine!  Also had two other hunters in the antique store from Miami.  They took home a double bit axe and a horse collar mirror.  Perhaps these things are difficult to find in Miami.  It should not need to be said that we should treat our guests well.  They have a great economic impact on our community.  I was told that a business in our area was almost nasty to some of the gentlemen who stayed at my home.  Let’s do better than that.  Midwesterners are known to be kind unlike some “big city folks”.
Got fiber TV this week.  The picture is much better and I now have a lot of channels to choose from.  I also have a big black blinking box on my desk and a TV that I cannot adjust the sound on.  Suspect that I am going to have to buy a new TV for my room.  Of course it is the TV I watch that is on the outs.
Went to Macomb on Wednesday to check the Lowderman Auction for Thursday.  Found that they had a fire which had destroyed their office area.  They are so lucky that the fire did not get into the auction area.  Happened when no one was there  I understand.
Our Emmaus group met at the Colchester Methodist Church on Friday evening.  Learned that Lee Unger was a pastor.  I know him from the collecting world.  He collects bus related items and his son collects jars among other things.
My first cousin’s son, Tod Hilton, stopped by the store to see me on Friday.  He comes back to visit his grandmother, Lotus Hilton Web.  Was great to visit with him again.
Have been mowing leaves.  They are not all down but they mow better when a bit damp and if I wait for them all to fall I may be overwhelmed with the sheer depth of them.  My yard is surrounded by hard maple trees.
We had a special Sunday at Living Faith United Methodist Church today.  Two children were baptized.  They were Kaydee Jane and Kamden David Vail.  After church their parents treated everyone to lunch and two lovely decorated cakes.  So glad to have young people in our church again and it was nice to have lunch after the service.  Thank You.
One of Ben’s daughters, Tiff Griffin, came back for her sister’s service.   Tiff came to visit me and is staying with me tonight.  So nice to see her as she lives in Medford, Oregon and does not get “home” often. 
Don’t forget the Plymouth Women’s Circle Soup Supper on Saturday, November 18 beginning at 4 pm.  We will be selling soup by the quart, baked goods and home made candy as well as having a soup supper.  There will be vegetable and chili soup, sandwiches, desserts and drinks served for the meal.  Come join us and get some baked items for your Thanksgiving meal.
Living Faith United Methodist Church will be hosting a Thanksgiving meal on Sunday, November 26th at noon.  Reservations need to be made so we know how many to prepare for.
Hope you have a good week.  Scatter Kindness.
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