Plymouth Area News for the week of November 20th, 2017 by Joyce Steiner

The church council of Living Faith met on Monday evening.  Lots of plans for the holiday season and for future sermons.  So nice to have a great pastor.
Heard that the Hardees in Macomb closed without warning.  I am sorry that Macomb has lost another business but, in my opinion, there were reasons why they closed..  The last two times I stopped by there, it was difficult to get my order taken, not because there were so many customers, but because the employees were too busy talking to friends or one another.  I considered talking to a supervisor but decided it probably was not worth the trouble it would cause. 
Tuesday one of the hunters staying at my B&B got a good buck but could not find him right away.  He did eventually find him for which I was very glad.  The hunter had worked so long and hard for a good deer.  Congratulations.  Other hunters also got good deer, both during bow and shot gun season.
Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday evening to prepare for our soup supper on Saturday evening.  Judy Allen and Marge Goodin  were hostesses.
Thursday after working the store, I headed over to Smithfield to retrieve the furniture which did not sell at Spoon River.  Got all of it but one piece in the caravan.  Thanks to Linda Ford for helping me load and for dinner.  It was appreciated.
Had a hunter exchange on Thursday.  The last of the bow hunters left and the house filled with shotgun hunters.  I have the same group of hunters for shot gun season every year.  Great guys.  Since the weather was not good on Saturday morning, they stayed in and I fixed them a good breakfast.  As I baked most of the day Friday for the soup supper and bake sale, I also sold them an Ozark pie.  They all left after hunting on Sunday.  First time I have had the house to myself in quite a long time.  Thanks to all the hunters who have stayed here thus far this year.
Got an email that was supposed to be from Adams but I am sure it was not.  I was to click on a big blue box to fix a problem with my email.  It was very threatening and I knew that Adams would not send a message with that type of language in it.  I notified Adams and tried to forward the message to them.  If you have similar problems, let Adams know about it by emailing it to
Busy day Saturday.  Took things to the PCCC for the soup sale and got some things set up then went and worked the antique store till five.  Went back to the soup supper and helped till we closed.  Thanks to all who came to the supper and also thanks to all those who bought soup, candy and baked goods.  We had a good sale.  Thank You.
Sunday was church.  The church was decorated for the holiday season today.  After church went to Quincy as I have not been there for well over a month.  Of course that meant a stop by the Golden Corral.  Love that place.  There are things there that I find sad.  So many people waste so much food.  I saw huge portions not touched.  One lady got two desserts, set them on the table and left.  Several tables around me had six or eight people at them.  There was lots of waste, lots of drinks refilled, lots of service by the waitress and no tip.  When someone is waiting on a table with several people, all of whom need drink refills and messes cleaned up, it is only right to tip the waitress.  The food is great there, the service is excellent.  Just hope people learn to be more polite.
Many of your neighbors need prayers.  Was so sorry to hear that Pastor Lingenfelter lost one of his son in laws.  Such sad news as the family has seven young children.  Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. 
 Scatter Kindness.
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