Plymouth Area News for the week of November 4th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Heard that Donnie Hale of Augusta passed away on Halloween day.  He was  much too young to leave us.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Alberta Kirby will celebrate her 95th birthday on November 9th.  She has moved from our community but I am sure she would like to receive birthday greetings from her friends.  Her address is 792 N. Main Street, Apt 4, Anna, IL 62906.

Since it was to freeze this week, I picked green tomatoes.  My tomatoes did not get started very early this year and were doing very well right now.  I have a large bucket of green ones sitting in the kitchen.  When I have fried green tomatoes at a restaurant, they are great.  When I fix them they are not.  If you have good suggestions on what to do with green tomatoes, please let me know!

Well the weather certainly has been interesting.  My leaves normally turn bright colors starting with the west most trees in my yard.  They have not turned color as yet but on Wednesday they were piled with snow.  Now the leaves are falling without their glorious colors appearing to be enjoyed.

I did not want to sit on the front porch in the snow and cold to pass out Halloween candy so turned on my light at the back door.  I don’t think many people thought to look at the back door so I have a lot of Halloween candy left.  My hunters are enjoying it right now.  Speaking of hunters, I have three from Miami right now.  Another from Michigan is expected tonight and another from Michigan tomorrow.  Had another call yesterday but turned him down as I had no more room.  Got another call for all of next week.  Nice southern accent.  I left him a message and hope he calls back as next week, I do have room.  Also have one room left for shot gun season.  Great guys.

I planted sweet potato vines at the antique store.  Noticed there were  sweet potatoes forming in the pot.  Decided that I could start my own sweet potato vines next year so I pulled up the sweet potatoes.  Some were quite large. I am beginning to suspect that I was sold regular sweet potatoes instead of sweet potato vine.  Guess that is not all bad.  I could enjoy the vines and also eat the sweet potatoes.  Will have to check and see if there is a difference.  My red sweet potato vines did not have any potatoes under them.

On the way to church this morning, just north of Bowen, there was a large bird in the road enjoying road kill.  As I got nearer, the bird lifted off with the animal in its talons.  It lifted  all right but eventually dropped its lunch.  It was a rather large mature eagle and there was another sitting in a tree watching probably hoping to share in the lunch.  Surely is great to see eagles in our area.

Sunday we celebrated All Saints Day at church.  Pastor Sheri had a special service and we had communion.  The serving of communion or the not serving of it to people with whom one disagrees, has been in the news this week.  I don’t remember our Lord telling us to refuse to serve communion to those with whom we may disagree.  There is so much needless hurt being put upon others.  “Agree to disagree an move on” is my thought on many subjects.  Arguing is not going to change any minds and arguing and being disagreeable does hurt feeling and friendships.

The Lutheran Church in Golden had their Thanksgiving dinner today.  Always like to go and see people with whom I taught and my former students.  In addition to that, the food is wonderful.  Asked Jeannie Lord how many they serve and she said around 500.  That is a lot of turkey dinners.  They have the plan all worked out and are very efficient.  Think the dinner is the first Sunday of November each year.

Have a great week.  Scatter Kindness.


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