Plymouth Area News for the week of November 11th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Marsha McCleary passed away unexpectedly on Sunday.  She was the niece of Pat and Bev Phelps and Mary Lea Castlebury.   Pat Whitford passed away on Wednesday, November 6th.  She had moved to the Lamoine Retirement Center in Macomb.  She was the mother of Jay Whitford who was a blacksmith just north of Plymouth.  Our sympathy to both families and friends.

Plymouth Old Settlers Committee is sponsoring a music trivia night on Saturday, November 16th at 7 pm at the Augusta Fairgrounds.  This is a fund raiser for the Old Settlers celebration held each year in Plymouth.  The cost is $10 per person with up to 10 people per table.  There will be food available.  For more information you may call 309 331 3116.

Allene White’s new address is 1122 Koch’s Lane, Bradford Villa, Villa 2, Rm 2, Quincy, IL 62305.  I am sure she would love a visit or a card from her friends.

Diana Blue from WIU’s small business development center came to the antique store to work with me on Tuesday.  I am still trying to learn how to use Instagram and how to claim my businesses on Google.  There are scams out there involving Google too and I have gotten calls from these scammers.  Once I was told it would cost $75 to have route 61 put on the google map and more recently, I was told it would cost $175 to be listed with Google which is free.  Seems like one cannot trust anyone contacting them by phone these days.  Several people have told me about a call saying  that their social security benefits would be stopped if they did not do what the caller asked.  The kicker was that these people were not drawing social security!

Wednesday was the Plymouth Village Board meeting.  Present Board members include Ernie Diseron, Bob Orris, Gary Hurt, Dylan McCurdy, Tammy Weber and Lisa Fundel.  Nicole Milliman is the clerk, having been appointed to fill Phyllis Smith’s term.  Tammy Weber will work with Nicole as needed as Tammy has a great deal of  business and computer experience.

It was decided to go back to having Board committees instead of just having one person in charge of specific issues such as police, finances, parks, the cemetery etc.  The committees are Parks and Recreation-Gary and Bob, Public safety-Lisa and Ernie, finance-Tammy and Dylan.

Bob helped Tedd put the screen back in the lift station.  A screen was needed after someone put a towel in the sewer which caused a clog.

Other items discussed included a new back hoe, a vehicle upgrade for the police, a back up for Tedd, putting a no parking sign up on the south side of the public housing and at the fire house and the Village Board heard from the Metzger Board.

Many people would like to see the first project of the Metzger Board to clean up the town square but it appears that the first project will be upgrading the ball park.  The first thing to be done at the ball park will be tiling it.  Dirt will also be put on the field.  Fencing was also discussed.  The Metzger Board also approved a donation to Colby Ellis’ Eagle Scout project.  The Board  approved up to $750 for a radio for the police car and a shoulder radio.  There was discussion of the village’s computer, noting that it is very old for a computer.

Mentioned that I had hunters from Michigan and Miami staying at the B&B.  At last count, they had all gotten deer except one gentleman from Michigan.  Think everyone is pretty happy with their hunt.

Got a very strange call early one morning this week. A gentleman asked if I would deliver.  Told him he had the wrong number and that I owned the antique store and a B&B.  He persisted and asked what was for breakfast.  I hung up.

Have been mowing leaves for several days.  They are not all down as yet but if I wait, there will most likely be rain or snow on them.

Went to see the wind generators again today.  A lot has happened while I was doing Spoon River and at stoneware convention.  There are many bases erected and either 5 or 6 already have the blades on them.  Also a large electric substation has been completed.  Really is an impressive project and so needed.  Our earth is really suffering from our use of fossil fuels and we must turn to clean and renewable energy.

Have a good week.  Scatter Kindness.





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