Plymouth Area News for the week of November 18th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


As I served pancakes today, one of my guests mentioned that Plymouth Rock Roost B&B was truly an “International House of Pancakes”.  That has been true in November.  The month began with Marcell and Luis, two Cuban Americans who now live in Miami.  They have stayed at the B&B several times and are interesting men.  I think the first time they visited one of them took home a horse collar mirror.  Probably not too many of those in Miami.  While they were here, two men from Michigan who have stayed here many times also came.  Then another from Michigan and his wife.  Really sweet people.  As most hunters stay several days, they also cook in my kitchen.  This is a time when I get to interact with them as communicating with the host is a part of the B&B experience.  This week I also hosted two gentleman who were from India who had come to the US in the 1990’s.  Both had very good jobs, one with many international ties.  Was very interesting to visit with them.  The first night, I told them they could either take off their boots or clean the kitchen floor.  That worked.  The floor was very clean.  However I was to find that a more subtle approach did not work.  As they had not closed their door when they left for the morning, I noted water bottes on antique furniture and wet towels on overstuffed chairs.  I moved the water bottles to coasters and put in a towel rack and hung the towels on it.  That did not work.  More wet towels on furniture-they just brought more in!  Well I guess that is just part of the B&B experience for the host!  I learned that one part of India, I do not remember whether it is the north part of the south part, grows both wheat and corn just as we do here.  It sounded like the seasons were of equal length.  They ate rice, a lot of rice.  They put some reddish colored food on top of the rice.  They told me it was very spicy and asked if I wanted to try it.  Since I am not a real fan of very spicy food and some what of a coward, I declined.  I found that there are two containers left in the frig so the animals which frequent the mulch bin are in for a surprise culinary feast.  I asked if they lease land to hunt but was told that they own land in the area where they have hunted for many years.

Also had a couple from California this weekend who came for the WIU football game as their son is on a football scholarship.  They said the game was dismal which was probably not what they came to see especially since the father is a football coach.  All in all, it has been an interesting month at the B&B and hunting season is not over.  Have guests coming in from Georgia and actually one from Illinois for shotgun season.

Last Monday, I picked my spinach from under the snow.  Figure they freeze spinach so it should still be good and it was.

Thought the garage seemed cooler than it should be so cranked the thermostat and nothing happened.  Went to see my furnace guy and they are going to get to it this Friday, not good news when we have had such low temperatures.  Fire up a heater in there to try to keep all my plants from freezing.

As I drove to the small business development meeting in Carthage on Tuesday, the pink sky was breathtaking.  Really pretty.  Though I have had my small business going for 37 years, I figure I can always learn something.  Still working on Instagram.

Sunday included church, lunch in Augusta and laundry-lots and lots of laundry!  The Plymouth water department should have a large smile when they create my next water bill.

Looking forward to have temperatures get back to normal, especially with the dead furnace.

Don’t forget the Plymouth Women’s Circle Bazaar this Saturday.  It runs from 9-11 am at the PCCC.  There will be soup by the quart, home made candy, a bake sale, sandwiches and lots of great crafts.  Please come out and support this group which works very hard to keep the former Methodist Church building in repair and available for the use by the whole community.

Have a great week.  Show love and kindness to all around you.


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