Plymouth Area News for the week of November 25th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Plymouth lost two people this week.  The first was Betty Nooner.  Though I did not know her personally, I understand that we have the Drug Store in common.  Betty and her husband ran the drug store in Plymouth.  I believe they even lived in the building.  Plymouth also lost Nancy Kemppainen.  It is my understanding that she was a wonderful fan of all Southeastern sports.  Her visitation and funeral were held at the Plymouth Circle Community Center.  Our sympathy to both these families and their friends.

Got a  stack of tax notices this week.  All the properties have lost about 3% valuation.  Do not know if this is due to a loss in value or a new assessor.

The Living Faith UMC had a finance meeting on Tuesday evening.  The church has accounts in three banks.  As the chairman of the finance committee, I am trying to find the value of these accounts and whose names are on the signature cards.  Methodists have the plan to change committees and chairs fairly often and this can lead to having names on accounts of people who are no longer a part of the church.  I can honestly say that none of our banks are making it easy to get the needed information  for the church,

Wednesday Plymouth Women’s Circle met to  finalize plans for our Bazaar which was held on Saturday.  A really big thank you to all who came and purchased baked goods, soup, candy, sandwiches and lovely crafts.  As I have mentioned before our group is getting smaller and dare I say older.  I have invited anyone interested to join our group to help make sure that the PCCC continues to exist for our community.  Cindy Smith and Janice Diseron and their sister stepped up and made beautiful crafts for the Bazaar.  They are also planning to join our group.  We would love to welcome even more new members!  The Bazaar was a great success.  Thanks to all the ladies who work so long and hard making soup, making candy, working to keep the building clean,  doing the paper work and all involved in the upkeep of a sizable and older building and to Don Ussery for keeping the furnace and other mechanical things going.

We all need to work together to keep what Plymouth has left.  Too much has been let go to disrepair and to fall down.

Thursday saw two couples of hunters arrive at Plymouth Rock Roost B&B.  One hunter from Illinois, brought his teen age daughter and a gentleman from Georgia brought his very small son.  Don’t think either party got a deer so hopefully they will all return to try again.

Always get my furnaces checked in the fall.  Got that done this week.  My plants and kitties in the garage were getting pretty concerned because the garage furnace was not working.  All is well now.

Back to the Bazaar.  Jack Hamilton stopped by the antique store this week and asked exactly what a Bazaar was.  I told him about all the great food and crafts we would have and was very happy to see him and his wife come and check it out.  He said the cookies were superb.  I bought lettuce to put on the chicken salad sandwiches.  As the store did not have the dark green leafy lettuce I wanted, I bought Romain.  When I was taking it our of the bag to wash it, Pat Phelps asked what kind of lettuce it was.  When I said Romain, she said there was a recall on some of it and sure enough my lettuce was part of the recall.  Hope the trash can enjoyed the nice fresh green lettuce and that the customers did not miss lettuce on their sandwiches.

We can all do little things to” pay it forward”.  One of the little things happens at Aldi’s.  People often leave their quarter in the cart so that the next customer gets a free cart.  I was disappointed this week when I left the quarter for the next person and the next lady just pushed the cart in line and took the quarter.  Guess she has not gotten in the Christmas spirit yet.

Hope you are in the Thanksgiving mood as this is Thanksgiving week.  Whether we understand it or not, we all have much to be thankful for.  Thanks for the great turn out for the Bazaar, thanks for the good weather, thanks for all the hunters who have come to our community to hunt and have had a positive economic impact, thanks for health, thanks for the ability to disagree on politics, thanks for our church family and so very much more.

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow”.  Happy Thanksgiving


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