Plymouth Area News for the week of November 7th, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

This column has to be dedicated to Ray Kipling.  He was the father of my best friend in high school, Karen Kipling Madesian.  He was a loyal Chicago Cubs fan and taught his daughters to love the Cubs too.  Unfortunately he did not live long enough to see the Cubs become World Champions but I am sure that he and others had good seats for the games.  I watched the World Series because there are so many who really root for the Cubs in the area and I have friends who are not local who also love the Cubs.  The last game of the series had it all.  Home runs, wild pitches, lead exchanges, rain delay and was a real nail biter no matter which team you favored.  Congratulations to the Cubs and all their loyal fans who have waited 108 years for this victory.
Monday was Halloween.  The weather was wonderful so I spent quite a bit of time on the porch passing out candy.  Decided at one point to go in and microwave dinner and left the bowl of candy on a table on the porch with the light on.  Not a good idea!!  Later the door bell rang and I went to check and the entire bowl of candy had disappeared.  Good thing I had some more in the kitchen.  Hope everyone had a good time.
A customer at the antique store from Saturday returned on Monday and purchased two sewing machines.  He also brought me a bag of apples and a jar of honey.  That was really kind and he even brought my favorite apples, Fugis.  Thank you.  Later he called to say that he lost his check book.  It took me a couple of trips to the store to finally locate it on the floor and send it back to him.
Tuesday was another big day.  Custom Brick and Stone from Keokuk finished the back corner of the Community Center.  The work began the first week of September.  Currently looking for bids for the roof.  Would still like to get that done too before winter snows sit on the roof.  Donations would really be appreciated to help pay for the work.  They can be sent to the Plymouth Business Association at the  South Porte Bank, Plymouth, IL 62367.
Since the Village Board meeting was postponed, Dylan McCurdy and I attended a meeting in Carthage on Cooperatives.  This particular meeting was about a group of people who went together to purchase a building and to restore it to put it back on the tax rolls.  After the building was restored, they were able to sell half of it and get renters in the other half.  It was a large building and they got a bicycle shop in part of it and a bakery and brewery in the other half.  Soon we will be looking for tenants for the Community Center building.  If you have an idea for a business that would thrive in a small town please come and talk to me.
There was a small antiques and craft show at Wesley Village on Saturday.  I took my things for display in on Friday morning as I was not going to be able to attend the show.  Picked them up Saturday after the show.
Saturday was a typical day in my life.  Too many things to do.  Went to the auction at Sullivan and Son.  It was the third day of the first round of sales for Don Weinberg of Quincy who passed away suddenly.  Though I did not go to the first two days of the sale, I understand that everything went very well.  Prices were certainly strong on Saturday except for one lovely quilt that sold in the other room of the auction from where I was.  Sad.  I love quilts and it was very pretty!  After the auction, I worked the store so that Kayla  McCurdy could go to work at their business, Brick Wall Pizza.  After I closed the store, went to Macomb to pick up my things from the show then I went to HyVee for dinner.  My high school physics teacher, Ron Ruebush and his wife were there a we had a nice visit.  Then went to visit with Dot Burdett at Heartland.  Long day.
Sunday after church, I went to Golden for the annual Thanksgiving dinner sponsored by the Lutheran Church.  It is always just wonderful and draws a large crowd from all over the area.  Nice to see teachers with whom I worked as well as lots of former students.  After a nap I mowed lots and lots of leaves.  Nice to have warm dry weather to mow them so they do not clog the mower.
Hope you also had a good and productive week.  Pray for your friends and neighbors.  Scatter Kindness.
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