Plymouth Area News for the week of October 31st, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

I have missed the passing of two people from the Plymouth area largely due to the fact that I have been doing shows every week of October.  Steven Dooley passed away on October 19th in Quincy.  He was the son of Evert and Bernice Dooley of Plymouth.
Pat Griswold of Plymouth also passed away.  So sorry I did not mention these two people sooner.  Our sympathy to their families and friends.
The Lester’s will be appearing at the Living Faith United Methodist Church at 5 pm on Saturday, November 5th.  There will be a meal following the performance.  The Lester’s are a gospel music group from St. Louis who have been performing for three generations and are well known in the area.  Please note the unusual start time as 5 pm is correct.  Every one is invited to attend.
Monday was a catch up day at Plymouth Rock Antiques.  I have been packing and unpacking all of October.  Think I now have everything put away from all the shows.  Even started to clean the house and  garage today after church and a quick trip to Quincy.
Though I am not a very good sports fan, I have been watching the World Series.  So many of my friends are devoted Cub fans and because of that I would like to see them win.  Watching TV for 3 1/2 hours for a game certainly takes a big bite out of one’s evening however. 
There has been a big plastic “tent” just inside the door of HyVee in Macomb for a while.  Have been wondering just what was going on in that space.  This week, the plastic came down and a Starbucks pavilion went up.  There were Starbucks on every corner in the northwest but I don’t think there are many in this area.  Too bad I don’t drink coffee.
Thursday I had a call at 11:30 asking if I was ever going to open my store.  Found that interesting as the sign on the door with my phone number on it also has my hours on it-noon – 5 pm.  Of course the customer is always right so stopped eating my lunch and opened for four “red hatters” from Macomb.  They were an interesting group.  One had come from a nursing home to visit my store.  That is dedication!
The fall colors are finally making their way to Plymouth.  My maple trees have begun to turn colors.  The one outside my kitchen window has lost most of its leaves but the others are doing well.  There are some lovely red trees in the neighborhood also.
Had another Monarch butterfly on my butterfly bush on Friday.  So glad to see a few of them but if it chooses to stay here and make a cocoon, I have no milk weeds for the young to eat.  Planted one this year after mine were hacked down at the store but it did not live.
On Saturday there were lots and lots of customers at the antique store.  A big thank you to every one who came in.  Had one lady who said she had lived in Plymouth for 20 years and this was the first time she had been in.  I believe she really liked the store and she said she would be back soon.  Others in the area might also want to stop by.  I have three buildings full of things for sale with prices ranging from 25 cents to probably around 500 dollars for some great pieces of furniture.  We have something for everyone.
Got a note from Ruthanne Danielson telling me that the Church Women United will be having a World Community Day at Hills Grove Church on Friday, November 4th at 1:30 pm.  Everyone is invited.
Was good to be back in church today after a four week absence due to shows.  I was liturgist today so it was not a day just to sit back and listen to the message.  There were several requests for prayers for those who are ill and for those who have lost loved ones.  Four plants from Marlene Kimble were brought to the church by Donna Abrego.  So nice of Marlene to want her plants to be enjoyed by people attending church.  Now we will need to keep them nourished.  I am still keeping two plants alive at the PCCC which were there when we closed our church in Plymouth so it can be done.
Have a great week.  Enjoy both the lovely leaves and the warm weather.  Scatter Kindness.
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