Plymouth Area News for the week of Oct 15th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner


Well I have a had a great breakfast for the last two days.  Cocoanut crème pie made by a wonderful cook at the Red Brick School on the Spoon River Drive.  Just absolutely delicious  and I am sure a good choice for breakfast as it contains eggs.

More about food.  Tried Clancy’s cinnamon and brown sugar sweet potato chips.  They were really good so I went back to Aldi’s to buy more.  Perhaps a seasonal item as they did not have more.  Oh well..  If you see them, try them!

Evelyn Baker is having a large sale on Saturday, October 27 from 8 am -7 pm.  Her address is 607 E Main St. in Plymouth, Il  The house is also for sale.  You may get more information by calling 847 494 1298.

It usually frosts between the two weekends of Spoon River and though there had not been any cold nights, I started moving my plants into the garage for the winter on Tuesday evening.  Was it not 90 degrees early this week then was it not 32 degrees in the same week.  How can this happen?  Anyway got most of my plants in.  Some others look ok some do not.  Even then, I will take wild temperature changes to hurricanes any day.  So sorry for all those having such dangerous weather condition to deal with.  Until we get our heads out of the sand and begin to deal with global warming, we are just going to see more and more wild weather patterns.  Also keep those experiencing flooding in your thoughts and prayers as well as the farmers who are unable to finish harvest.

We had three inches of rain earlier this week and now another inch or so.  Should have good soil moisture for the winter.

Of course the big thing going on in my life lately was the Spoon River Drive.  It is the first two full weekends each October.  The weather was ugly both weekends.  We had so much rain the first weekend that the parking lot at the Red Brick School became very soft.  I think people found other places to park as we still had a good crowd.  It did not rain much the second weekend but it was very cold and moist.  Think some of the out door dealers just gave it up.  Since we set up inside, did not have to deal with the weather other than being cold.  Had a good show.  Am very thankful for that.  Was wondering just how I was going to get everything back home if we could not use the north parking lot.  In fact we were able to use the lot so got out in near record time.  Dylan and Kayla McCurdy came over and we loaded my van and their truck and got everything out in one load.  As we were coming into Plymouth, it began a light rain.  Got the truck unloaded before it started coming down with more gusto.  Thank you God.

It was really nice to see and talk to friends who always come by the Drive.  Really look forward to seeing those who return each year.  As I have mentioned, the weather was not good either weekend so missed some faces.  Also found that a gentleman, who bought hair wreaths and who was restoring a large home in Canton, had passed away.  Will miss seeing him and his wife each year.

We had eight for Bible study this week.  Mary Hohe was hostess.

Had a good day at Plymouth Rock Antiques on Friday.  Another dealer from the Spoon River Drive came in and shopped.  He purchased a lobster trap and a lobster trap marker.  Think he was going lobstering for the rare Spoon River lobsters.  Also bought a really cute ice box and more.  Thank you.

Pray for your neighbors- again remembering all mankind is your neighbor.


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