Plymouth Area News for the week of October 8th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner


Rain, rain go away.  Ugh…seems like it has been raining for days and more days of rain are expected.  Not good in October when farmers are trying to get out their corn and beans.  Was going home from Macomb after dark this week and decided to take the black tops.  Never thought about meeting or passing three  combines on the black tops.  Do you know that combines are really wide.  The next time I thought I would be smarter and take 110  ,336.  I found that combines are also on that road but that  they are a lot easier to pass on a four lane.   Please be very careful when there is farm machinery on the roads.

Tuesday, I took my second load of goodies to Smithfield for the Spoon River Drive.  More about that later.

Wednesday I loaded a whole load of furniture for the Drive.  Also on Wednesday I noticed several monarch butterflies working my butterfly bushes.  Too bad they cannot also reproduce on butterfly bushes as they are pretty easy to grow and that could help the monarch population  There was also a humming bird working the bushes Wednesday so they have not all left for the South as yet.

Wednesday evening was the Plymouth Village Board meeting.  Michelle Burton, Bob Orris and Mike Inman were absent.  The Board voted to hire a new policeman.  Hope this works out.  Think the last one lasted three days.  I saw him patrol for three days and then never saw him again.  As I have mentioned before, I feel that Plymouth needs police protection.  The county Sheriff’s department does not always have enough men on duty to be in all parts of the county at the same time.  I have always thought that the ideal situation would be for Augusta, Bowen and Plymouth to share one full time policeman.  The Board also hired a utilities clerk to take care of the  water bill collection.

Friday morning there was an eagle sitting on the highway just north of Plymouth.  He was fine and very regal looking.  When I got near him, he just lifted off and flew away.  Lovely sight.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent at the Red Brick School in Smithfield.  It took me all day to set up tables, get the table cloths on and then to fill the tables.  After that I arranged the furniture  and rearranged to make everything look homey.  Saturday it rained.  Since we were inside, we still had a decent crowd and sold pretty well.  Certainly felt sorry for those who set up outside.  The parking lot at the school got very muddy.  Was not sure if I could get my van out of the lot but did so without much trouble.  My niece, Marcella Hardin, came over to help out in the afternoon.  That was appreciated. Some of the guys from Smithfield had to get up on the roof and do some patching because we had quite a bit of rain coming down the steps to the gym.  They must have done a good job because the steps were dry Sunday. Sunday was even better that Saturday.  The rain pretty well held off Sunday and I had a great day.  Sold my best quilt and much more.  Spoon River is fun because so many people return year after year and tell me what they bought from me in previous years.

I have two  kitties that were tossed out up town but who are now living at my home.  They have a kitty house where I put them in at night and let them out during the day.  Harold and Smokey are real characters.  Last night Smokey came when called but Harold did not.  I did some other chores and then went back out and Harold was ready for bed.  Tonight when I got home, Harold had already put himself in the kitty house and Smokey was ready to go in too.  It is now thundering and raining again.  There is at least three inches of rain in my rain gage bucket.

Hope you had a good weekend.  Be kind to all you encounter this week.

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