Plymouth Area News for the week of October 1st, 2018 by Joyce Steiner


Our sympathy to the family of Wayne Rankin.  He was from Bowen and the father of Terry and Dennis Rankin and Judy Reuschel.   Services will be this week in Bowen.  Dennis and Carol Rankin are part of our church family at Living Faith United Methodist Church in Bowen.

The Bed and Breakfast has been really busy lately.  Had a couple form Arkansas here for four nights while visiting family in the area.  Would like to thank my neighbors, Bill and Madelyn Derry, for recommending my B&B to them.

Got a new phone last week.  Am still learning about it.  I could not get the email set up on the phone so called Adams.  Did not feel so bad about not being able to set up the email when it took an expert over an hour to do it while logged in on my phone.  Perhaps smart phones should not be quite so smart!

We had eight ladies for Bible Study on Thursday morning.  Pat Phelps is leading the study.  Prince Harry is so excited to see every one that I  had to lock him in the bathroom for the second week to keep him from scratching someone.

Dylan McCurdy and I attended the Hancock County Economic Development Annual meeting in Carthage on Thursday.  The group is especially proud of the CEO program which has students from each high school in the county and helps train young people to start their own businesses and hopefully to get them to stay in Hancock County after school.  Emily Conover was in the program last year and her project advanced to the next level.

Friday, I finally got to Quincy to stock up my booth in Sullivan’s Antiques and More.  I think I would sell more, if I had more time to go to Quincy and clean up and restock the booth more often.  Sometimes 24 hours a day are just not enough.

The Spoon River Scenic Drive starts this Saturday.  I have mentioned that I will be set up at the Red Brick School gym in Smithfield.  I took over one load on Monday evening and have a bit loaded for the second load.  Will take over three van loads before the start of the Drive and then more as the show progresses.  I mentioned last week that Spoon River is October 6, 7, 13 and 14th this year.  It runs from London mills to Lewistown and there will be vendors selling everything including food.  The weather looks promising thus far but as it is rather warm, I do not think the leaf color will be good.  I am all for warm and looking at the beautiful leaves after the drive is over!

I am sure that many of you know Jo Webster.  She has had open heart surgery.  It was really great to welcome her back to church today.  Please keep her and the Rankins in your prayers.

The cooler weather is encouraging my flowers to bloom again.  Have some lovely hibiscus in bloom at the house and the  blooming cactus had another round of blooms though I missed them  because they bloom at night.  Saw many dead blooms the next day.  Have some bulbs that need to be planted but I hesitate to do it because seems when I dig a hole, I dig up some bulbs that are already planted there.  Keep working on the yard because I know it will not be long until winter-though I do not like that thought.

Enjoy the last of summer.  Hope to see you on the Spoon River Drive.

Pray for healing for our country.  Remember that it is possible to agree to disagree with out hating the other person.  Everyone has a right to  informed opinions.


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