Plymouth Area News for the week of September 24th, 2018 by Joyce Steiner


It has been an interesting week of scams.  I just got a new computer complete with virus protection.  On Monday I received a call about my computer having a virus that would make it unusable.  Ignored that one but it really got interesting on Wednesday when I got a scam call and the caller ID was my own cell number.  Now that was just not right!!

Tuesday I had to take time off the store to go to the doctor because no one could work me in while I was off.  Since I had Kayla at the store for the doctor’s appointment, just took more time off and went to US Cellular.  I now have a phone that is much smarter than I am.  It keeps beeping and gurgling at me and I have no idea what it is trying to tell me.  Oh well, it only took me a year to pick up a tablet and learn to use it.  Then there was the dumb phone that it also took a really long time to learn how to get into all its “cubby holes”.  I have hope that with friends help I will be able to learn some of the many uses of my new phone.  I already have mastered “ok Google open”.

Wednesday the Plymouth Women’s Circle had their first meeting for the year.  It was a pot luck and we talked about the meetings for the year.  We also welcomed a new member Haley Dixon.  So glad to have you Haley.  We meet the second Wednesday of the month and we are going to try meeting at 6:30 pm to get people home earlier.  If you have an interest in helping the community and keeping the PCCC open for all to use, why not join us.

Got a call from one of the Amish in our community telling me there was a wedding in their community and wondering if I had rooms.  Had two drivers for two nights and one Amish couple for one night.  The Amish couple has been here before and he is quite a character.  Drivers were very nice too, one of them was a lady.  Glad to have them.  One of my hunters called and wanted a room for Friday and Saturday.  As Saturday was already booked by the Waddill family had to turn he out on Saturday morning.  Got a kick out of the Waddills.  There were four men who came down to clean up the King cemetery near Calmer.  They gave me a lot of Waddill history and then laughed about it as they were not sure I was interested!  Actually I was interested.  Gerald Waddill is related to them.

Thursday morning Pat Phelps started Bible study in my home again.  We had 6 for the study.  Poor Prince Harry got locked in the bath room as he was so glad to see every one that he was over exuberant.

Also went to Macomb on Thursday evening and bought more antiques from a lady who is moving.  Got some nice wooden things for the store.  Am starting to get things ready for Spoon River which is October 6,7,13 and 14th.  As usual,  I will be at Smithfield at the Red Brick School in the west end of the gym.  Come see me!

After church, stopped by KD’s for lunch and the hunter I had turned out was there so we had lunch together.   Think he had to stay in Macomb last evening.

Have been mowing on my yard.  Usually by this time of year the grass is slowing down but with all the rain we have had , that is not the case this year.  Also I normally have to move plants into the garage during Spoon River due to freezing weather.  That has not been mentioned thus far and I am hoping a freeze holds off until I get done with shows on the 3rd weekend of October.  Will just wait and see.  I am still seeing all black wooly worms but one of my friends said she had seen some brown ones.  Black wooly worms mean a hard winter if you are not tuned into the wooly worm weather forecast.

Hope you have enjoyed the last few days of wonderful weather.  Note that there is a full moon, need not have looked up as people’s actions tell one when there is a full moon.

Have a great week.  Scatter Kindness.  In case you need a reminder, that means to be kind to the people you come in contact with.  You will find you will be happier and those you interact with will also be happier if we are kind to each other.

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