Plymouth Area News for the week of October 12th, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

Sorry to hear of the passing of Naomi Utter on October 8th.   She was 92 and was the sister of Keith Horney.  She lived in Frederick until she moved to be with one of her sons in Rushville.  Saw her last at the 2015 Plymouth Old Settlers Reunion.  Our sympathy to the family.
As you know by now Spoon River Drive has been the last two weekends.  We had great weather for both weekends which is most unusual.  Had a great turnout for the festival and I had a good show both weekends.  Monday I did the book work from the first weekend and tomorrow I will do book work from this week.  Love working with numbers and watching the trends.  I sold all sorts of things.  Furniture was slow.  Only sold one small bench and a walnut wash stand the first week.  Sold a walnut table this weekend but had to half the price to do so.  Sold 6 wash boards!  Lots of great doilies found new homes as well as some feed sacks.  Usually sell quilts but sold none.  Figured out that I ate 32 dollars worth of chicken and noodles, 2 pieces of pie and 2 apple dumplings during the show.  And finally thanks to Dylan and Kayla McCurdy for helping me get the furniture over and back from Smithfield.
Wednesday was the Plymouth Village Board meeting.  There were some upset people there.  As I see the problem and notice I said “I”, all our Board members do not treat every one the same.  Two problems which came up happened because two Board members gave special treatment to friends/relatives or “forgave” some but not others.  As Kara Nanninga pointed out “all the people of Plymouth must be treated the same”.
Thursday Pat Phelps lead Bible study at my home but I was at an auction.  The roofers also returned on Thursday morning.
Friday I had B&B guests arrive.  Their daughter lives in Colchester and they are here to visit her.  Also had a hunter here on Friday evening.  Last year he was here but we never met as he went to bed before I got home from Spoon River and he left before I got up.  Nice gentleman and he will be back to hunt more as he owns land very near Plymouth.  Saturday I was to have a full house.  When the potential guests called, I told them that I was set up at a show and that I would not be here to fix breakfast.  Most people understood and all agreed that would be fine.  Saturday night’s new guests called about 6 pm and said that they were on their way to Quincy.  Figured the time it would take to do all the driving they were planning to do and asked if they could check in before 10 as I had to be up early.  That did not set well.  Eventually they agreed they would check in after they returned from Quincy and before they took there daughter back to Macomb.  I turned down hunters for Saturday and turned down other people who called on Saturday to hold the room for the registered guests who did not come and stiffed me for the room.  On the other hand one of the couples who did come left a beautiful note for me.  “God bless you and your beautiful house and all who enter her doors.”  One has to decide whether to dwell on the negative or the positive.  I certainly understand why most B&Bs do not last very long even though I have been doing it since 1988.
Long couple of weekends.  Beautiful sunsets.  Pray for those around you and for peace.  Scatter Kindness
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