Plymouth Area News for the week of October 19th, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

Monday the last of my B&B guests from the weekend left.  Good to have them for three nights.  Started unloading the van from Spoon River so I could unpack and repack for 3rd Sunday.
Roofers have been on the roof since last Thursday, over another week.  Guess my roof is a pretty serious project.  Notice they have the shingles off the turret and it will be interesting to see just how they get singles back on it.  Originally there was no sheeting on the turret and wood shingles were nailed to the wood horizontal boards.  Now there is sheeting and todays shingles do not cut as well as wooden shingles.
Wednesday Plymouth Women’s Circle met at the PCCC.  There was a great group to hear Mary Bunney show photos and talk about Plymouth Area History and Plymouth residents and businesses.  Very interesting.  Hostesses were Pat, Bev and Jessica Phelps.
Thursday there were 9 ladies present for Bible study lead by Pat Phelps.  Joyce Steiner was hostess. 
 Thursday evening the weatherman did not predict frost but rather a freeze so I spent time before and after working the store on Friday moving plants into the garage.  Pretty big job around here.
Thursday evening I had B&B guests from Hannibal.  They loved the house and said they would be back soon.
Hollister’s came and put a switch in an electric line for me as one of my well pumps would not shut off.  Glad to get that done before winter as had to shut off the electricity to my basement.
Ate at Ma and Pa’s on Friday evening.  The restaurant was full and there was one waitress and one cook.  They did a great job.  The food was very good and the wait was very reasonable considering how busy they were.  Good job!
Got a face book post that Lisa Herman had her back surgery and that she was out of intensive care.  There was an address for her but by the time this newspaper comes out I am sure the address will not be good so just send her a card at home.
Did get all the unpacking and repacking done and headed for Bloomington on Saturday morning.  Got set up and had time to do some shopping.  Many, many dealers set up in October but we still had a good show.  Spoon River was great and 3rd Sunday good so it has been a good month for the antique business.  Will be doing a small show in Macomb on November 7th.  Will try to mention more about it next week.
Pray for peace and those who are ill.  Scatter Kindness.
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