Plymouth Area News for the week of October 26th, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

October is certainly a busy month.  This year it has also been a beautiful month.  Hope you have enjoyed the truly lovely weather and the colorful leaves which are still turning. 
 Have been doing antique shows every weekend so this week, I unloaded from 3rd Sunday Market on Tuesday and began to select things for the stoneware convention show and sale and display.  I got first prize on my display and Chris Sanson suggested that I not tell you there was only one display.
My roofers finished the house roof on Tuesday.  Only problem which I have found thus far is that one of the lightening rods is still laying on the porch roof and that all the lightening rod balls are still laying on the back porch.  Lightening rods without lightening rod balls look pretty empty and not very decorative.
Went to Macomb to visit with Dot Burdett on Tuesday.  She had endured a tough week as she lost her room mate and the lady next door both.
Wednesday I loaded the van for the stoneware convention which included lots of stoneware and the easels and signs for the club.
We had 15 people present at the PCCC on Wednesday evening for the Meet and Greet for our new pastor and his family.  Pat Phelps and Joyce Steiner were hostesses for the event.
Thursday morning Pat Phelps lead Bible study at my home.  Mary Hohe was hostess.
As soon as Bible study was over I headed for East Peoria and the convention.  I stopped by the Ponderosa in Macomb to get lunch as I was not sure there was any food in East Peoria!  Funny thing was that I met Tom Weinberg and Mary Hohe eating there too as they were on their way to the Chicago area and they were not sure there was any food up north either.
Got to the Stoney Creek Inn in East Peoria with not problems.  Enjoyed the drive up very much as I go along the river by Pekin and the hotel overlooks the river in East Peoria.  The weather was just great.  Have many friends in the club and it is so good to see them each year and to see all the great stoneware.  Sold a few things.  Bought a few things to add to my collection.  The object is to sell more than one buys.  The convention went well.  As I am on the Board of the club and as the Board runs the convention there was a lot of work for me and other to get done..   I am also recording secretary so have been at the key board for several hours writing minutes and now the news.  I try to get the minutes done as soon as I can while the “notes” are still fresh in my mind.
Called my college friend, Georgette Engler, who lives in Peoria and she came to the hotel for a good visit.  Good to see her.
Stopped at the store on the way home and Chris Sanson and Sam Meek stopped by.  It was good to see them and get a hug. Thanks to Kayla McCurdy for taking care of my children, they asked me to leave again as she does such a good job.
Did not get home in time to go to the hot dog cook out at the church.  Sorry to miss that as I have not had a hot dog all fall.
Hope you are enjoying the lovely trees.  Scatter Kindness.
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