Plymouth Area News for the week of October 21st, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Ruthanne Danielson asked me to announce that Church Women United will hold a World Community Day at Hillsgrove UMC on Wednesday, October 23rd at 1 pm.  There will be Bible study and a skit given with the theme “ Resolve to Love”.  All women are invited.

Tuesday I attended the Colchester Historic Society meeting.  A very interesting program on Cornwall, England was given by Craig Rigg of Colchester.  He and his wife and two other friends traveled to Cornwall to visit relatives and see the places where their ancestors had come from.  Immigrants from Cornwall came to Colchester because both were mining communities.

On Wednesday the Hancock County Economic Development group had a meeting titled ”Digital Marketing Boot Camp”.  The program was presented by Diana Blue who is Coordinator for Illinois Small Business at Western Illinois University.  Several internet programs such as face book, you tube, Instagram, pinterest and web sites were discussed.  I believe there will be more workshops of this type for business owners in Hancock County.  I was delighted to meet Rebecca Williamson owner of the Cambre House near Nauvoo.  Cambre House is currently having ghost tours lead by Chad Derry of Augusta.  Sounds interesting.

I understand that Nicole Milliman, assistant clerk, was sworn in as Village Clerk for Plymouth to fill the unexpired term of Phyllis Smith  at a special meeting on Wednesday evening.

Went to the Buss Stop on Thursday for chicken night.  I must say that they have great chicken!  I normally enjoy livers but decided to try the chicken and it was really good.  There was a large crowd  for the evening.  While mentioning restaurants, Rusty Red’s Farm Table has a great Sunday lunch and they are also open in the evening Thursday through Sunday.  I don’t think there are any other restaurants open on Sunday evening in the local area.

Friday and Saturday, Plymouth Rock Roost was full which meant that I was unable to do 3rd Sunday market.  Great family.  Enjoyed having them.

The Hancock County Historic Society Annual meeting was held Saturday, October 19th at the former senior center in Carthage.  Joyce Buckert relayed information of the Society’s recently completed book on One Room Schools in Hancock County.  The book has 500 plus pages and is available for a pre publication price of $50.  After publication, the price will be $60.  If you would like one of these books, contact the Hancock County Historic Society at 217 357 0043 or  The program for the evening was given by Rita Souther who worked for the Office of Federal Acknowledgement whose purpose was to see if Native Americans qualified as tribes which would allow for certain government benefits.  There are 573 official Tribes in the US.

Sunday the church conference for Living Faith, Warsaw, Hamilton and Carthage UMC’s was held at the Carthage UMC.  Pastor Sheri Renner, Dennis and Carol Rankin, Kathy Holst, Glenadene Webster and I attended from Living Faith.

Good day at the store on Saturday.  A gentleman from Rushville bought a full size set of wooden wagon wheels.  He plans to make a  working cannon with them.  Told him I wanted to see photos when he has it finished.  He plans to make cannon balls and have it to fire on the 4th of July and possibly do reenactments with it.

Hope you are enjoying the lovely fall colors.  The colors are late this year but are beautiful when ever they decide to show themselves.

Have a good week.  Scatter Kindness.


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