Plymouth Area News for the week of October 14th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Phyllis Smith of Plymouth passed away on Tuesday, October 8th.  She was very active in our community as well as being village clerk.  She leaves behind a large family to mourn her passing as well as many friends.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.

Opal Morgan, of just east of Plymouth, also passed away this week. I remember her coming into the antique store with her mother.  Our sympathy to her family.

Former mayor of Quincy, Chuck Shultz, spoke at the monthly meeting of the Hancock county Democrats held on Monday.  He gave a few very interesting comments and stories.

I signed more papers for my solar panels this week.  May possibly get them installed yet this fall.

Rosie and Daisy, trained  golden retriever service dogs, visited with the members of Women’s Circle Wednesday evening.  There was also a 4 month old white puppy in attendance.  She was just lovely-almost makes me want to get a dog!  The service dogs visit schools, hospitals, nursing homes, libraries and other meetings.  We learned about some of their training and also what to look for when someone says they need a service dog.  If the dog has a chain collar, has food or toys with it, it is not a service dog as there are specific rules which must be followed to actually be a dog providing a specific service.

Noticed in the paper that the Water’n Hole in Augusta has been purchased by Denis McDonald and will have expanded hours.

Got a letter this week from Canada.  There was no return address on it.  It would seem that all my financial worries and those of my church, my family and friends are about to end.  Bernie Steiner died over nine years ago in Canada leaving no heirs.  Since my last name is Steiner, a very generous bank employee send me and I am sure every other Steiner he could find, a letter telling me that Bernie left 8.4 million dollars in a bank account and that soon the money will just be lost.  If this gentleman helps to get me declared as an heir, I am in line for half the money and he gets the other half.  How very generous.  Of course if I were dumb enough to believe this line, there would be numerous requests for money from me to complete the transaction and then I would find out that it was just all a hoax.  Please do not fall for any of these various scams.  The end result is the same.  There are many variations of this pattern of trying to prey on gullible people.

Spoon River is officially over.  Got packed up and home before 7:30 pm with the help of Kayla and Dylan McCurdy.  Was a good two weekends.  Had good Saturdays both weeks and had some sales on Sundays too.  The only thing better than cocoanut crème pie for breakfast might be banana crème.  Also worked in an apple dumpling, homemade ice cream, some apple crisp pie as well as home made chicken and noodle dinners each day.  If it sounds like we eat well, we do!  Also enjoy seeing friends each year.  My niece, Marcella Hardin, popped in both weekends to help out for a while.  Really a very fun show.

Understand that there was a stabbing in Plymouth over the weekend.  Very sorry to hear about that possibility in our small town.  Perhaps the two or three people who do not think Plymouth needs police protection will now change their minds.  Seems our town, our country and the world need a whole lot more kindness and much less hatred right now.  Please pray for all.

Scatter Kindness.

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