Plymouth Area News for the week of October 7th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Well my week has mostly been about Spoon River.  As you know by now, I set up a large booth at Smithfield at the Red Brick School gym.  As I have only a VW and a Caravan, it takes me several trips to fill a large booth.  Started on Monday.  Took over one load of boxes and a Victorian sled.  Tuesday, I loaded more boxes and furniture and took that over Tuesday evening.  Planned to load a load of furniture on Thursday but the fates had other ideas.  When I started to the store with the van, something did not sound right.  Knew it could not be a low tire because the low tire light was not on.  Wrong!  I was driving on a rim when I got out and checked.  Ralph’s got enough air to hold in the tire for me to go get a new tire that matched the other three.  Thank you Lord that it did not happen on Friday, Saturday or Sunday when I really did have to get to Smithfield!  Anyway Dylan helped me quickly get the furniture loaded on Friday morning so that I could go over and get the booth set up for Saturday and Sunday.  Got it done and had a great Saturday.

Also had B&B guests on last Sunday evening and they wanted to shop the store on Monday.  Always glad to open on a Monday and found the guest has an antique mall booth in Jacksonville so she bought a few things for her booth.  She also stopped by Spoon River on Saturday.

Notice that Mike Cole seems to be missing from the weather at WGEM.  Always liked him.

Read in the paper that Jerry Mayo passed away on September 29th and that his services were to be at the PCCC on Saturday.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.

Wednesday was the Plymouth Village Board meeting.  Tammy Weber was appointed to the Board to fill the vacant position.  Great choice!  I understand that Tammy has 20 years of experience in accounting and with computers.   The village needs her expertise in these fields.  Looks like the Board is more balanced now.  Hope we can start getting the village cleaned up.  Think we plan to begin with the inoperable vehicles which are abundant in the village.

Had two couples from Ohio at the B&B on Thursday and Friday evenings.  They were a delight.  I told them when they called that I would be  busy with Spoon River and that they would pretty much have to fend for themselves.  Gave them a key and told them to make them selves at home.  The were here to attend and tape the show at Stan Dixon’s barn on Friday evening.  Also talked to Stan Clayton on Sunday at Spoon River and he said he did the sound system and that the show was great and well attended.  The barn is beautiful.  The program was HigLeeWils, a musical group.

Trying to get home from Smithfield on Saturday evening was an adventure.  First while I was at HyVee, a car pulled forward to try to park.  Another car pulled in behind him but  a  lady started to back out in front of the first car.  The car in the middle had no place to go and the backing lady then backed into him even though he was honking wildly.  When I got near the RR tracks in Macomb, there was a long line of cars and police cars with flashing lights.  Evidentially the RR arms were not working properly and there were police at every crossing trying to get traffic moving around the arms.  Finally when I was approaching Plymouth, found so many police cars with flashing lights that one could hardly see.  Came to a complete stop for sometime until an officer motioned me on.  Do not know what had happened but it was evident that there had been an accident.  Do hope everyone is all right.

Think it is now fall.  I thought my B&B guests would be cold so I turned on the heat for them.  They asked me to turn it down!  I am just not ready for fall and winter.

Hope you had a good week.  Scatter Kindness.



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