Plymouth Area News for the week of September 30th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Lindsey Moore, who lives east of Plymouth, made front page news in the Quincy Herald-Whig on Sunday.  There is a great photo of her nose to nose with one of her alpacas.  Lindsey owns Little Creek Alpacas.  Lindsey moved to a farm, once owned by an Amish family, in 2011.  She now has 53 plus alpacas. The alpacas are shorn once a year and after processing the fiber is made into socks, mittens and other wearables.   Interesting article.   You can learn more at

You may have noticed that the Hotel Nauvoo is going to be open longer this year.  They normally close before Thanksgiving but will be open until December 14th this year.  Good news-great place to eat!

Last Sunday, I went to check on the progress of the windmill farm near Sciota again.  There were five windmills in various states of construction.  I am totally amazed at the size of just one blade.  Would just love to be able to go watch construction but there are no trespassing signs.  The wind generators and their parts are so large that you can see them from route 9 between Blandinsville and Sciota.

Monday the Church Council of Living Faith met.  We learned that out church application for solar panels has been approved.  Great news.  I think that construction will start fairly soon.  Think I mentioned that my home application has also been approved.  We also worked on forms for Charge Conference.

Tuesday there was a meeting of the Illinois Education Association Retired held in Macomb.  The speaker told us about LIFE lessons which are available in the area.  LIFE stands for Learning is ForEver.  The cost of a class is minimal, sometimes only five dollars.  Some recent programs include-Armchair Traveler, Beer Brewing and Tasting 101, Connecting on Social Media, Introduction to Lace Knitting and many, many more.  As you can see, the topics are varied.  Think many years ago, I took a class on chair caning from this group though it had a different name at the time.  You can get more information at 309 298 1911 or from

Wednesday the finance committee of Living Faith set the budget for 2020.  Though there were some changes, the total amount of the budget remained mostly unchanged.  On Wednesday also had a great couple who were here setting up cameras and getting ready for bow deer season.  Learned that one of my long time hunting guests had been very seriously injured in a vehicle accident.  So sorry to hear about that.

Thursday the Hancock County Economic Development annual meeting was held in Carthage.  We now have a new director, Belynda Allen, as Terry Pope has retired.   There are two $10,000 grants available for new business start ups in Hancock County.

Friday, I had the bright idea to go to Macomb to eat and get a few groceries.  Others from Plymouth had the same idea as I saw two other Plymouth families while in Macomb.  The bad part was the awful rain, wind and hail I got into on my drive home.  Eventually stopped at the Dollar Store just south of Colchester to try to wait it out.  My poor little VW was bouncing quite badly even parked.  It was not fun.  Can I tell you just how much I hate storms and bad weather.  Would be nice to have a hand to hold when I am afraid.

On Saturday, Pop A Tops held a fund raiser for St Jude Hospital.  They had a very large crowd so I am sure the fund raiser was successful.  I know there was a corn hole tournament because I could see it from the antique store.  Corn Hole seems very popular now.  It looks a lot like horse shoes to me except one is trying to hit a hole rather than wrap a horse shoe around a stake.

Also on Saturday, I had B&B guests who had attended a wedding in Jacksonville and were headed to Bushnell for breakfast with relatives this morning.  Nice couple.  Have guests tonight also.

Well, we have had enough rain for a while.  I keep asking you to pray for our farmers as they now try to harvest what crops they were able to get planted.  While you are praying, please include your neighbors, the country and its leaders and our planet.  Without a planet on which to live, nothing much else matters.

Scatter Kindness.

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