Plymouth Area News by Joyce Steiner

“Build it and they will come” they may not stay but they will come. Well maybe they will not come either. If you are guessing it was a rough week in the B&B business, you are correct.  Had a lady call several times that they were going to visit the area and that she wanted to stay with me.   She called again on Monday and said they were on their way to Illinois and that she needed one or two rooms for Monday night.  Since they were on their way, I did not get a credit card guarantee.  Will I never learn!  I readied their rooms.  They arrived and before introductions could be made, she needed the bathroom.  Fine-a long drive.  Then she insisted on seeing the rooms giving me the feeling that she felt they would not measure up to her standards.  Meanwhile the gentleman was still in the kitchen saying “I have never been in this big of a mansion”.  Unease swept by me at the two different perspectives.  I also noted that they had not brought in luggage.  They mentioned at 7:30 that they had not eaten and I suggested that they should go as our restaurants closed by eight.  Got a call at 9:06 that they would be staying with relatives in Rushville.  Had a reservation for a long time for a gentleman on Thursday night.  He was to arrive between 9 and 10 pm.  That was ok as I usually watch the news and read before going to sleep.  At 10, I was canning tomatoes and waited up until 11:30 for his arrival. He never came.   Got a message that he was afraid to knock at 10 pm.  In the past, I have had guests tell me that their car map system confused East and West Summer streets.  As my doorbells are lighted and easily visible from the street, there would have been no reason to knock but just ring the doorbell, the back door was open and I was visible in the kitchen.  Now wondering if he was at the wrong home.  The third guests booked for the week came and stayed and they were delightful.  They and Prince Harry had a mutual admiration fest.

The Colchester Historical Society met on Tuesday evening.  Marilyn Shelly gave a presentation on Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Colchester.  As all of my father’s family and my parents and brother are all there, I wanted to hear the presentation.  She picked out several prominent people buried there and told about their lives.  One was SD Mills who founded the pottery which was named after him.  Another was Kelly Wagle, the Bootlegger.  Learned that SD Mills was a very busy man.  Pottery was only one of his businesses.

Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday evening for a pot luck and a presentation by Haley Dixon on the Legacy Theater in Carthage.  Good evening.

Have been having trouble with coons.  One ripped a screen in my garage this week and got in.  We had two traps still set in the attic and I found him in one of them.  He must have gotten cold, as he had pulled most of a king sheet into the trap with him.  That may have caused the trap to not latch completely.  When I started to carry coon, trap and all down the stairs, he escaped.  I had no idea that a coon could go right up a wall.  He perched at the top of the window that was now closed and was not saying very nice things to me.  I opened the garage door and he was very  happy to leave!

On Saturday a very nice couple came to the antique store.  I visited with them, as I am prone to do, and eventually learned that they were in the process of moving into the home that Steve Thomas used to own.  Welcomed them to our community and hope they will love it here.  Sounded like they had lived in several different places but came here for the location and the weather.  Nice people.

This coming week is “meeting week”.  Have four in a row.  Good to be employed and busy!

Please remember that Spoon River is right around the corner.  The dates are October 5,6, 12 and 13.  I will be set up in the gym of the Red Brick School in Smithfield as usual.  Come see me there.  The store will be open regular hours even though I will be in Smithfield.

Have a great week.  Be kind to all those you meet.



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