Plymouth Area News for the week of September 16th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


The Staff Pastor Parrish Relations Committee of Living Faith UMC met on Monday evening to work on forms for the church charge conference which will be held in October.  Also went to Quincy on Monday to find some plastic “tin ceiling” for my entry hall since I have water damage there.  Found some I really like and think it will look better than the ceiling tile blocks which are currently there.

On Wednesday many people from the area attended the Adams meeting at Golden.  All members of the Coop are invited to attend.  Adams serves a very nice dinner, give a $25 bill credit to all who attend and give very generous prizes.  There were two winners from Plymouth.  It pays to attend the meeting!

Thursday I learned that my application to SRECTrade to have solar panels installed for my home has been approved.  Do not know yet when the money will be released, but am excited to help, in my little corner of the world, with renewable energy production.  The panels will be in my yard, not on my roof.  I pity anyone who has to climb on my very steep roof.

Had two surprise B&B guests on Thursday evening.  Seems there was a wedding in the Amish Community.  These particular guests were from farther north and were suffering with the high temperatures here so called and asked if I had rooms and if I had AC.  Since the answer to both questions was yes, I had two very nice lady drivers as guests on Thursday night.  Have had more guests that usual lately.  Appreciate the recommendations given for my B&B.

Friday I  did a bit of mowing.  With the rains we have been having, the grass is growing again.

Since this week was 3rd Sunday Market weekend, I spent several days pricing and packing for the show.  Bought a lot of sleigh bells at Lowderman Auction on Thursday and sold every one of them at the market.  Also sold two quilts, two stoneware jugs and more.  Pretty good weekend.  Love the two guys who set up across the aisle from us.  They work really hard moving in huge pieces of furniture and they both have a good sense of humor.  We have fun teasing each other.  Will miss the October market as will be doing Spoon River for two weekends then have a full house at the B&B for two nights that weekend.  Then there is the Pottery Convention also in October.  Plan on sleeping in November!

The interesting tale of one of my white shirts.  I got bar be que sauce on it at our favorite restaurant on Saturday night.  I washed it out and hung it in the hotel room to dry.  It was white and so was the shower curtain so I left it in the bathroom.  Discovered I had left it when I unpacked.  Called the hotel.  As we stay at the same hotel all the time and since the same lady works the desk, when I called she remembered me.  Told her about the shirt.  She said it was in the garbage and she had just thrown some apple juice in the waste basket.  She rescued the shirt and was running water on it while I was still on the phone.  She is going to mail it to me.  You would be surprised how many things are mailed back to customers just from my B&B!  Anyway that was service above and beyond and I appreciate it very much.  Now that Shop Ko has closed, I don’t want to lose any of my clothes.

Hope you enjoyed the beautiful full moon on Friday the 13th.  The moon is still gorgeous tonight.  Saw it as I was nearing Plymouth.  Have a great week.  “Do no harm, do good, stay in love with God”.  Thank you John Wesley.

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