Plymouth Area News for the week of September 9th, 2019, by Joyce Steiner


Two of the B&B guests  here for a wedding in the area last weekend stayed an extra day to take in more of what our area has to offer.  Met them in Colchester on Sunday after the parade.  They also visited the lake and Macomb. They left me a layer of the wedding cake and it was wonderful.  Froze some of it to enjoy later.  Keeping up with them on face book.  New friends.

Spent a couple of hours at the store on Monday, labor Day, even though I am now officially closed on Monday.  There are always people in the area for the Labor Day celebration at Argyle and Colchester.  A few came in.  Thank you.  Closed so that I could go to Good Hope and check any progress on the wind turbines.  There was a new, very tall crane at one site so think they were ready to start erecting a turbine at that site.  You can see it well from the highway east of Blandinsville or just west of Sciota.  Did not get there this weekend to see If, in fact, a windmill had been erected during the week.  I think there will be many months of construction.

Plymouth Women’s Circle will hold their first meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 18th at 6:30 pm at the PCCC.  It will be a pot luck. We would love to have some new members.  We keep up the former Methodist Church for a community center for the area.  It is a very nice facility and is used a lot for various events.  We also make Christmas boxes for seniors in the area.  Our group  serves food to groups and does funeral dinners but we are growing fewer in number and older and we need new members to be able to continue our mission.  Please consider joining our  group. You need not be from Plymouth to join.

The Plymouth Village Board met for their regular meeting on Wednesday evening.  Board members Lisa Fundel, Bob Orris, Ernie Diseron and Gary Hurt were present.  Dylan McCurdy was sworn in as a new member.  He was on the last Board but chose not to run again.  Dennis Gordy was nominated to fill the other vacant seat.  His nomination was not accepted but I think it was just because he was not known to the other Board members.  Hopefully he will attend some meetings and introduce himself to the Board and perhaps be nominated again.  I think he would make a good Board member.

There was a lot of good discussion by the Board on the needs of the town.  There was also some discussion of possible projects to be done by the Metzger Board.  There was continued discussion of problems getting water shut off when the bills were not paid on time.  It was good to see the Board working together  for the good of all Plymouth residents.

Got a call from a company indicating that I would have two guests Thursday through Sunday evenings.  They arrived on Friday and left on Sunday morning.  This could have been a problem for me.  Sometimes one just has “to go with the flow”.  Easier to do that then to get upset about something which has no easy solution.

Thursday I attended the Lowderman Auction at Macomb.  Got a large number of old sleigh bells, some cute tea pots and cups and saucers, some chairs, a Hancock County history book and more for the store.  Saturday went to the Kelso auction near Bushnell and got a great stoneware birdhouse and sewer tile ash tray which I will have to add to the “collection”.  Love auctions and seeing my friends there.

The Hancock County Democratic fish fry will be Saturday, September 14th from 4 to 6 pm at the Nauvoo State park.  It will be moved to the old grade school in case of bad weather.  Got to go last year and the food was great.  Hope you can attend.

Had a new roof put on my house about three years ago, not because it was leaking but because I did not want it to leak and the shingles had reached their life limit.  The house has leaked every since with water damaging some ceiling tile and plaster.  Since the company which shingled the roof never did fix the problems, I finally asked Curtis Baldwin if he could fix the roof.  I knew he had roofed his large home, the former funeral home in Plymouth.  We had .7 inches of rain last night and not one damp pan in the attic.  Many thanks to Mr. Baldwin and his son Adrian.

Seems like fall may be here.  Though the cooler temperatures are nice, think the farmers need a longer summer to let the beans mature.  Pray for the farmers.

Have a good week.  Please be kind to those you meet this week.


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