Plymouth Area News for the week of October 3rd, 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Think that I forgot to mention last week that I had a lot of monarch butterflies in my yard on Sunday.  I believe they were gathering up to fly south as I never have that many normally.  They do work my butterfly bushes as well as milk weeds.
Mary Hohe prepared a lovely brunch for the ladies of Plymouth Forum on Monday morning.  Those present included Mary Hohe, Tori Harris, Janice Diseron, Carol Moon, Joyce Steiner and Ella Mae Waddill.  Thank you so much Mary -everything was just lovely.
On Monday evening the SPRC committee met at Living Faith United Methodist Church.  This is the time of year that Methodists are preparing for charge conference and getting all the year end things done.  Interesting meeting.
Tuesday Illinois Education Association Retired met at HyVee in Macomb.  After dinner we had a program given by the HyVee dietician.  We were told about healthy choices and introduced to many grains that could be used in addition to the ones we are used to using.
Wednesday I loaded the van with another load for Spoon River and took the load over on Thursday evening.  Followed by a load of furniture  on Friday morning.  As I was backing the van up to Antiques II to load furniture, Chris Sanson and Tony Miller pulled in to ask if I needed help which of course I did as I was going to load a harvest table, chairs and more.  I was very grateful that they saw me and came to help.
Bible study was held at my home on Thursday morning with 10 ladies present.  Mary Ruth Phillips was hostess.
All day Friday was spent at Smithfield setting up my booth for the Spoon River Drive.  All went well, the booth came together and I was ready for Saturday morning.  Had good sales on Saturday as it was misty outside which brought customers into the Red Brick School.  It is good to set up inside and not worry about the weather.
When I went out to come home, the low tire pressure light came on in the van.  Drove to Macomb and tried to put some air in the tires when David Moffett pulled up and helped me.  Got home and almost back to Smithfield on Sunday morning when the light came on again.  Linda Ford’s husband came with a compressor and put air in 2 tires while we try to figure out which one has a problem.  Got home and will take it in to see what the problem is as soon as possible.
Sunday at the Drive was spectacular.  I had great sales and it was a great day-that is until I got home and found a very sick kitty.  Rushed him to the vet but he did not make it.  Sorry to lose one of the Royal Family.
A very, very long week and I look forward to not having to get up at 6 am on Monday morning.
Have a good week.  Pray for all things in life.
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