Plymouth Area News for the week of September 26th 2016 by Joyce Steiner

Alberta Mattson,  mother of Jim Mattson of Plymouth, passed away in Texas on Sunday.  So sorry to hear Jim and Wendi.
Shirley Shoopman of Augusta passed away on Thursday.  She was living at the Golden Good Shepherd Home.  Shirley was a lovely lady who came by the antique store to buy stoneware.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.
Robert Phillips of Augusta passed away on Friday.  Though I did not know him, I see his parents at many auctions.  It is very difficult to lose a child no matter what their age.  So sorry to hear.
Monday I did the book work from 3rd Sunday Market.  Always good to sit down after a show.  Took all the things from 3rd Sunday Market to Spoon River and will add two more loads for the Spoon River Drive.  Linda Ford has a vintage shop at the Red Brick School in Smithfield where I set up for Spoon River.  She opened the door for me and helped me unload the first load on Tuesday evening.  Thank You Linda!
Wednesday I took the van in to be serviced as it will be on the road every weekend of October.  Found that the brakes also needed some work so had to have that done too.  There was a wedding in the Amish community on Thursday so I had a gentleman who was driving the Amish down from Wisconsin for the wedding on Wednesday evening.  Had two drivers on Thursday evening and one on Friday.  Had just stripped all the beds and sat down on my bed on Saturday night at 8 pm when another gentleman called for a room.  Just could not do it.  Had been up early for three days, had been at an auction all day for two days and I was just frazzled.  I do not like to turn customers away but it is not good to call at 8 pm for a room for that night.  I need a bit of time to make beds and vacuum cat hair!
Thursday we had 10 ladies for Bible study.  Mary Hohe was hostess.  She left me some cookies after we finished and I shared them with one of the gentlemen who was a driver for the Amish.  Thank you Mary.
Attended the Hancock County Economic Development meeting in Carthage on Thursday evening.  There was a good crowd there.  It was an interesting meeting.  The speaker told about many grants available for our area and that they are good at going after money left over from other states.  Certainly wish I knew more about grant writing!  Mayor Chris Sanson also attended the meeting.
On Friday our Emmaus group met at the Colchester Methodist church.  There was a nice crowd present for the evening.  Mel Dorethy from Plymouth also attended.  Good meeting-good people.
Friday I attended the first day of the Sullivan and Son auction of mostly antique advertising memorabilia.  Did not buy much until the last hayrack came up and then I bought most of the things on it so in all, I did OK.  Got a lot of early clay marbles which I love.  They are all hand made and of different sizes and some are glazed and some are not.
Saturday I went back to Sullivan and Son for the stoneware auction.  Most of it was a “sit down” auction and was also on proxibid.  I still got some pottery for me and for the store.  Got one sewer tile dog which is happily sitting on my kitchen table.  He looks really good there.  Also got a couple of Tennessee crocks and a Plymouth chicken churn as well as Ripley and others for the store.
Sunday was church, lunch, a nap and hours of mowing in my yard. Also planted several English ivy plants that needed to be planted months ago.  After all that, I went to Brick Wall Pizza for my favorite bar be que bacon pizza. 
It has been a long week and I will be glad for some rest.  Will be a very busy month as I have shows every weekend of October.
Please pray for your neighbors.  We know there is much illness in our community but there are others who also need our prayers.  Have a great week.  Be kind to those around you.  You may have no idea what problems they may have in their life.
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