Plymouth Area News for the week of September 19,2016 by Joyce Steiner

Every so often I head for the Mississippi river just above Keokuk to sit and regroup.  Always stop by Subway in Hamilton to get a sub to enjoy at a picnic table by the river.  Have binoculars in the car so that I can watch the birds or anything else of interest.  Took a few hours off on Tuesday evening to just sit and ponder life in general.  Was relaxing.
Attended the Adams meeting at Golden on Wednesday evening.  I enjoy the pork chop meal which is prepared by the Mendon Lions Club I believe.  The pork chops were great this year.  Also get to visit with people I do not often see.  As the weather was great, there was a very large crowd.  There is always a report of what the coop is doing during the Annual Meeting.  Adams is putting fiber in various neighborhoods in Quincy.  This brings in additional revenue which allows Adams to put in more fiber for members of the Cooperative.  Some communities already have a new cable TV service and others will have soon.  I hate change so am not looking forward to this change!  Adams has also opened a new center in Quincy which helps people with computer problems and you may also buy a computer through Adams now.  I am glad to hear that as the companies I purchased my computers through have gone out of business.
Thursday morning Pat Phelps lead Bible study around my dining room table.  There were seven ladies present this week.  Pat Phelps was hostess.
Sometimes one thinks they do not have many friends.  On Thursday, three people stopped by the store to chat.  I also went to Macomb on Thursday evening to visit with Dot Burdett at Heartland.  While I was in Macomb, ate at the Family Diner which is located in the old Pizza Hut building on West Jackson.  It was a good meal and again I saw friends.  Studies show that friendships are a very important part of staying well and connected as one grows older.  So thank you friends for being there for me.
This was 3rd Sunday Market week, so spent much of the week packing and loading, unloading and unpacking and setting up, repacking and reloading and driving.  Was a beautiful weekend.  Was back in my normal space in the West Expo Building.  Had a decent show, got some checks-which if you do not often read this column means to me that people are a bit more free with spending than when we get all cash.  Again saw many friends and enjoy visiting with my “neighbors”.  Neighbors are the people we set up by and it is often the same people so one gets to know them pretty well.
One of my long time friends from Petersburg, who is often at 3rd Sunday, is having surgery on Thursday to try to save the sight in her left eye, please keep her in your prayers.
Thanks to Babe Hiland who watched the store on Saturday, another friend! 
It is to be unusually warm this week.  If you enjoy summer, hope you enjoy the week.  The Spoon River Drive is early this year.  It is October 1 and 2 and 8 and 9.  Sometimes it is snowing or freezing during Spoon River, perhaps we will still be having good weather for the color drive.  I will be at Smithfield at the Red Brick School in the gym as usual.  Route 95 northeast of Macomb that goes east to Smithfield is closed due the the construction of a new rail road bridge just east of the highway 41.  It is easy to get around the closure if you just turn east on the first blacktop south of Route 95 and go east to the first road going back north to Route 95 again.  Hope this is not a big problem for folks from the west who want to enjoy the Drive.
Time for bed, long week.  Please pray for your neighbors and treat others with kindness.  It seems that kindness is in short supply right now.  Have a good week.
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