Plymouth Area News for the week of September 21st, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

My life is so exciting-a big event this week was that my VW turned over 100,000 miles.  As I was married to a car dealer don’t know that I have ever had that happen before.
Today, September 20th, was National Back to Church Sunday.  I was at 3rd Sunday market in Bloomington but am in church every Sunday that I am not doing a show so maybe God will forgive me for missing today-hope so.
Plymouth Pride has two events planned for October.  The first one is the Second Saturday breakfast at the Community Center beginning at 7 am on October 10th.  The second event is a Weenie Roast and a Hay Rack Ride on Saturday, October 17 beginning at 5 pm at the Plymouth Ball park.  Five dollars will include food and the ride.
Attended the Sullivan and Son Auction on Tuesday.  Many of the items I bought are are already sold at 3rd Sunday Market.
Hired a new lady to help with the store as the fall is very busy for me.  Please come in and welcome Donna Clark to Plymouth Rock Antiques.  I believe she will also be working at the Plymouth Bank.  She and her husband recently moved into the former Edith Winters home on the north side of Plymouth.
Carrie Prentice, formally of Plymouth, passed away on July 27th in Spokane.  Paul Prentice was her brother and he and his family lived in the same neighborhood that I grew up in.  Ms. Prentice taught at Plymouth.
Pat Phelps began a new Bible study on “The Promised One” on Thursday morning.  There were eight ladies present which included Mary Hohe, Pat Phelps, Bev Phelps, Carolyn Ussery, Mimi Lawton, Dixie Anderson, Dorothy Torok and Joyce Steiner.  Good to be back together again.
3rd Sunday Market was great.  The weather could not have been better.  There was a huge crowd and lots and lots of dealers.  The fact that I had 370 dollars worth of items sold before the show, to be delivered at the show helped a lot.
Now getting ready for Spoon River Drive.  It is October 3rd and 4th and 10th and 11th.  I will be at the Red Brick School in Smithfield as usual.
Have a great week.  Enjoy the lovely fall weather.
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