Plymouth Area News for the week of September 28th, 2015 by Joyce Steiner

Well I just spent the last hour leaning against my VW on a dark, lonely country road and nothing.  Not a sign of the moon let alone the lunar eclipse.  From time to time I could tell where the moon should have been but the clouds were too thick to catch even a glimpse of it.  Finally figured out that if the moon did, by some miracle, break through that the eclipse would be over.  Afraid that I will not be around for the next one and really wanted to see the event.  Have had it on my calendar for weeks.  Rats…
Monday evening Plymouth Women’s Forum met at the PCCC.  There were eight members present.  Those enjoying a meal furnished by the officers were Pam Miller, Mimi Lawton, Ella Mae Waddill, Carol Moon, Katherine Kee, Evelyn Baker, Patti McConnell and Joyce Steiner.  Cards were sent to Dot Burdett, Janice Diseron, Wanda Eddington, Carolyn Hamilton, AJ Johnson and Donna McCutchan.
On Tuesday I took my first load to Spoon River.  Figured it would be the easiest to just unload at the Red Brick School rather than unloading and reloading and taking it over.  More loads will go over on Thursday evening and will set up on Friday.  Will be a couple of good weekends as friends from 3rd Sunday Market will be set up on each side of my booth.
Had a B&B guest on Wednesday evening.  There was a pottery in Tennessee, Il in the late 1880’s called E P Munson Pottery.  This was the great, great, great granddaughter of EP if I have the correct number of greats.  She had not been in the area before but contacted me through the Collectors of Illinois Stoneware and Pottery Club.  When I told her that I only lived about 12 miles from Tennessee, she was excited.  I also told her I have several pieces of the pottery and she was even more excited.  While she was here, I checked a McDonough County atlas from 1871 and found that EP owned land just west of Industry at that time which she did not know.  She did know that he is buried in Camp Creek Cemetery and we could find it on a map and we could find his name in the listing but she could not find the cemetery.  All those GPS devices do not indicate latitude and longitude!  Anyway I sent her on her way with a new piece of Munson Pottery and she has promised to return.  I tried to contact Lyle Hickman for several days because I  knew that he would know more about the pottery than I did but could not reach him.  As I have her address in New Orleans perhaps we can all correspond during the year.
Thursday was the second meeting of our current Bible study.  The eight ladies from last week were present with addition of Alene White.  Mimi Lawton was hostess.
Friday there were eight members of our Emmaus community gathered around my dining room table.  Jo Webster was hostess.
Also on Friday Jo Ann Johnson retired after 36 years at the Plymouth Bank.  There was a lunch served in her honor.  I think it was prepared by Rhodes Market and the food was great.  We hope that Jo Ann enjoys her retirement.
Saturday evening I ran to Macomb to get fruit for my B&B guests who arrived earlier in the day.  They were here to celebrate the birthday of their grand daughter.  The party was held at Weinberg King Park.  We exchanged some plants and when they showed me the plants in their yard, I caught a glimpse of their porch railing.  It had the characteristic Payne railing so asked them many questions about their home.  It has a lot of the same details as my home so think there is a good possibility that it too is a Payne home even though it is located in Monticello.
Also visited with Dot Burdett on Saturday.
Got a call from the American Red Cross Sunday afternoon telling me that the next blood mobile in my area was on the afternoon of October 5th .  The gentleman then asked me what time would work best for me.  Thanked him for calling and hung up.  There must be a great need for blood for them to get quite that “pushy”.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I still work and am doing shows every weekend in October.  Though I have given well over 60 pints, I still get to decide when I donate.
After church today, decided to work on the lawn.  There is so much which could be done.  Pruned off lots of tress which come up in the flower beds partially due to my industrious squirrels.  Also pulled weeds, watered plants and picked tomatoes.  First time this year that I have had enough tomatoes to cook up a batch of stewed tomatoes. 
Speaking of food, just discovered chocolate rice krispies.  They are great.  Good snack food while watching a movie on the Hallmark channel.  Hope there are not too many in the bed!
Hope you got to see the eclipse.  Have a good week.  Come see me at Spoon River.
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