We Are Community for the week of April 17th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 146

If you think that God does not have a sense of humor, I have news for you.  About a month before Prince Harry crossed the rainbow bridge, Puff entered my life.  As she jumps out the door at the most inconvenient times, I bought her a harness so I could catch her more easily.  She is not sure how she likes the harness and one morning this week, she was not wearing it.  Looked over the house and finally found it-in the garbage crock!  Yes really!  I took it out of the crock and put it back on her.  She showed her displeasure by pulling things out of the crock.  First it was a paper napkin which she scattered all over the carpet.  Second, she decided the palm branches from Palm Sunday would be nice toys and repeatedly took them from the crock.

I read constantly.  There are books filling many book cases and piles of them next to my bed.  Last week I read a list of nine books that everyone should read.  In order they are: Jane Eyre, 1984, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Animal Farm, The Book Thief, One Hundred Years of Solitude, Lord of the Rings, A Thousand Splendid Suns and Rebecca.  Having read only one on the list, figured I had better get started. I ordered Jane Eyre.  Will let you know how this goes as am thinking these may not be what I enjoy reading.

The weather for the last week has been fabulous if you leave out the two nights of storms.  Hope you enjoyed the spring weather because it is now gone.  Tractors have been running most of the night and going form field to field on the highways.  Cannot believe how many of the fields were planted this week.  Amazing.  I remember two row corn planters!

Attended an Audubon lecture at WIU This week.  I can tell you that three of four people on the campus do not know where the Sandburg Theater is located.  Was almost late because I was misdirected even by people in the correct building.  It was interesting anyway and was glad I got to attend.

Friday evening the Hancock County Historic Society met in Carthage.  The program was given by Sid Champion V.  The Battle of Champion Hill was fought on land owned by his family.  He had a book for sale, “My Dear Wife, Letters to Matilda”.  Can’t wait to read it but I have to finish the one I am currently reading first.  Was a very interesting program and there was a good crowd, including a group from Quincy.

I believe the increased tax for ambulance service in Hancock County passed.  Though increased taxes may be inconvenient, so is dying because of lack of ambulance service.

My flowering trees were magnificent this week.  Had three peach trees, a magnolia and an ornamental pear all in bloom.  There is currently very strong winds and no blossoms left on them.  Beauty can be fleeting.  Have a lily, an azalea and two hyacinths blooming on my kitchen table.  Finally thought to ask my B&B guest if they bothered his allergies after about three days!  Poor man.

Plymouth Women’s Circle met at the PCCC on Wednesday evening.  One bid for asbestos removal has come in.  The roof has to be replaced as it leaks and is very old.  If you would like to become involved with saving one of the most historic buildings in town, our group meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm.  We will have a potluck in May.

I uncovered my fish ponds this week.  Thankfully fish survived the winter in all the ponds.  So did one of the biggest frogs I have ever seen.  It is lucky I don’t eat frog legs!

Ever wonder when to use “past” and “passed”.  I asked Google yesterday and she explained that “passed” is a verb.  Well, that makes sense and helps greatly.  Very glad that the storms passed over us this past week.

Have a great week.  Scatter kindness and love to all.


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