We Are Community for the week of April 24th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 147

Look upon every day as a gift.  We are not guaranteed a tomorrow.  We have free will and we can do things to lengthen or shorten our days on this earth.  This week we had much loss in our area.  We lost Carol Lichtsinn on the 14th.  We taught together in Unit 3 for many years.  On April 17 we lost Morris Rang.  He was owner of Rang construction and built over 40 homes in the Augusta area.  Connie Fairchild passed on the 18th.  She was such a knowledgeable person and a friend.  Services for Jeffery Harris, 38 years old, were held at the PCCC Saturday.  He passed as the result of a vehicle accident on his way to work.  We will remember each of these people and offer prayers for their families and friends.

We had summer for a while and I was really liking it.  Was able to do some yard work but have lots left to do.  Uncovered my fish ponds and found fish in all three of them.  The giant frog that was in one of them seems to have moved on.  Must have heard one of my friends mention liking frog legs!  Have mowed a bit but need to do lots more trimming but it is just too cold to work outside comfortably.  The wind took the petals off my blooming trees.  The strawberries are in full bloom today but my phone keeps telling me that we have a freeze warning so don’t know how that will work.  Also, the peach trees have completed bloom and I am sure small fruit has set on.  It would be ok if we don’t get the expected freeze.

Had an exceptional buy on Monday.  A lady had called me about purchasing some things form a home she was cleaning out.  When I actually got to the home, found that I knew the owners who had passed on.  They collected many things including history books.  Was absolutely delighted to get to buy many history books.  I could have gone to auctions for years and never have gotten that selection.  I now have Hancock County flyovers, Pioneers of the Prairie, Hancock County histories, McDonough County histories, Civil War books, books on Lincoln and many more.  If you are interested in history, come see my new and enlarged history section at Plymouth Rock Antiques.  We are working on getting a new roof for the PCCC and I even got a book with the history of the former Plymouth United Methodist Church. This information helped me ask for grant money for the project.  Sometimes the timing of events is a “God wink”.  Something happens just when needed.

Was in Carthage on Thursday morning in time for a storm.  Was in some rain and hail so got my VW partially washed but not hail damaged.  Friends in Mexico, MO were not as lucky as they had major hail damage to their home.  Also hailed near Plymouth but have not heard of any significant hail damage.

Got out my mighty Mantis electric teller this week and tilled a small garden plot.  Glad I have nothing planted as it has gotten so cold.  Plan to move some strawberry plants, plant a few squashes, some tomatoes and I keep trying unsuccessfully to raise some beets.  It does give the rabbits and groundhog a variety in their diets.

Got 10 pounds of chicken legs and thighs cheaply at Hy-Vee so have been making chicken dishes.  This week, it was chicken salad.  I slow cooked 4 leg quarters with a chopped onion and a heaping teaspoon of poultry seasoning.  When done to falling off the bone, took meat and added thinly slicked green onion, including the tops, chopped sweet pickles, some pickle juice and Ken’s honey mustard salad dressing.  This makes a great chicken salad.  I do not grind it as I like it to be chunky.  When stirring the meat, onion and pickle together the chicken will fall apart into nice bite sized pieces.  Make a really nice sandwich on a bun.

Hope it warms up this week so we can all do more yard work.  Hope you have a good week.  With so much loss this week, we are reminded to be kind to those around us and to show love to everyone.


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