We Are Community for the week of April 25th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 94

Received word that Evelyn Baker, a long-time resident of Plymouth, passed away on Monday April 18th.  Funeral services were held at the St Mary’s Baptist Church on Saturday with burial in Rosemont Cemetery in Plymouth.  Our sympathy to her family and friends.

Have received several notifications that we should take down our bird feeders and water pans while the birds are migrating.  There is bird flu present in several states and it is hoped that taking down feeders will help stop the possible spread of this disease.  Many chicken and turkey farms have had to kill their flocks and it is probable that poultry and egg prices will climb as a result.  This is sad indeed.  Think of all the time and money invested only to have to kill your flocks.

It is spring in Illinois.  We have had both temperatures in the eighties and twenties this week.  Peaches are blooming and then we had a night in the 20s.  Really liked the 80-degree day.  Feels so good after being so cold and damp for so long.  The lawnmowers seem to be running nonstop.  I hear a couple even as I am writing.  My lawn has patches in sun and shade so some needs mowing and some not.  I mowed two days this week where it was tall and got some much-needed exercise.  Love the grass smell but not so excited about the green pant legs and the grass in my hair.

Had some customers in the store this week.  That is good.  Hope everyone gets their lawn mowed and their flower beds cleaned out and have time to go shopping again.

Kyle Kelso had a LIVE auction Saturday.  The auction was for a friend and a former antique dealer so there were lots of things I could use for the store.  Filled my van with a variety of goodies.  Love live auctions, hate online auctions!  Tried to bid on an online auction this week and could not even get into it to bid.  Once one figures it out, something changes.  Auctions are also therapy as I see friends and get to talk with live people.  It may be easier to conduct an online auction but they do not fill that void of being able to see damage and actually being with other people.

Went to Macomb on Monday to look at the contents of a house.  When no one answered the door, I looked at my direction note and found I was a week early.  That happens.

A friend mentioned that we hype Easter for part of a week then go back to “normal”.  Easter people should proclaim the “good news” every day.  Because Jesus died for us and rose again, we have hope for eternal life.  Even if you are not a believer, try to make every day count.  Find happiness in things you love and be kind to others so that they too may have happiness and hope.

I like to eat!  I love angel food cake but it can be a bit dry as I do not frost them.  If one adds smashed strawberries, it is a wonderful combination.  If you add cool whip to the combination, even better.  A friend brought cherries to church this morning to give away.  I made cherry Jell-O and added the cherries to it.  Soupy cherry Jell-O and cool whip on angel food cake is wonderful.

Why not try to be someone’s crushed strawberries or soupy Jell-O and cool whip this week.  Make both your and their normal day sparkle!


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