We Are community for the week of may 2nd, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 95

Happy May!  My husband and I always greeted each new month.  May it be a good one for each of you.

Had a Steiner family dinner at Alfanos in Carthage to celebrate my sister in laws birthday.  It was packed and all the food going by our table looked great though I did not know what some of it was.  Will have to go back and try some different dishes as I am inclined to order lasagna.

Speaking of family-I was happy to welcome the McCutchan family to my B&B for the weekend.  There was a celebration of life for Donna McCutchan at the golf course on Saturday afternoon.  Two of her children and family members stayed with me and the other two of her children were also here.  Was nice to see them all and to meet family members who I had only seen on Facebook.  Of course, they wore orange to the life celebration as that was Donna’s favorite color and then they went mushroom hunting also in her honor.  They found a few and were able to enjoy eating them in my kitchen.

Busy week at the antique store.  I filled my van on Saturday at a Kelso auction and spent the whole week emptying the van and pricing the items.  Had to empty the van on Wednesday evening so I could pick up some items from the Sullivan auction on Thursday morning.  Those things are still in the van!  Had a dealer friend at the shop this week.  Always good to see her as we have similar taste and she finds a lot for her shop.

Put a quilt in the tub to soak and the water would not turn off.  Really nice to be able to call a neighbor for help.  He took a handle off and got some blue thread out of the inside and turned around an O ring and got the water to stop running.  Thank you.

On Tuesday evening went to a meeting in Carthage on “Reversing the Exodus” which was about how to keep our youth in Hancock County or to bring them back to the county.  As I look at Plymouth that is a real problem.  Mentioned the McCutchan family.  They all left Plymouth.  Two live in Quincy, one near Chicago and one in California.  Millennials of working age are not motivated by the same things as my generation.  We live to work and they work to live.  Some of the things which they want include being able to live in an apartment in town, dog parks, social activities nearby, high speed internet and more.  Carthage has a really good start on many of these things and I always have to point out that Plymouth and the area served by Adams had fiber optic well before other areas.  This age group also are not having as many children as past generations and we will need immigrants to help fill job openings.  This is good because we do not have to look back very far to find that all of our ancestors were immigrants.

Saw a flock of gold finches in town but they were not in my yard as I have taken down my feeders as suggested to help stop the spread of bird flu by migrating birds.  Noticed that the price of rotisserie chicken has doubled-probably because so many foul have had to be killed due to trying to stop the spread of the illness.

Understand that there are already about a hundred people signed up for the Plymouth School reunion.  Ron Cookson stopped by the store to invite me to come and we discussed some of the businesses which were on the Square in the past.  I hope to find my listing done by Small Burdett which had all the businesses located and named so that it can be shared at the reunion.

This week invented the taco meat pizza.  As you know I start all pizza with flat bread and pesto.  I then spread sour cream on top of the pesto and added taco meat and covered it with mozzarella cheese.  Baked it about 14 minutes at 425 and thought I would add salsa but it was so tasty that I did not do so.

Am so looking forward to warmer temperatures and sunshine.  I try to take photos of the sunset each evening to share with friends but there have been few sunsets visible this week.

May your days be filled with sunshine and warmth this week.  May there be some kind of a break in the total destruction of Ukraine.  And may we just be grateful for each day.

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