We Are Community for the week of May 9th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 96

John Ropp lived on East Summer Street.  We often saw each other at auctions.  He said that his B&B had a roof top patio and that mine did not.  He passed in his sleep this week.  So sorry to hear.

Curtis and Adrian Baldwin asked me not to stop by the Baldwin Building for a few days.  When I finally got to see what they were doing, they had refinished the floor.  It looks wonderful as do the walls and the barn board trim.  The shop is not far from opening and I think all will be very happy to see what they have done with the main room of the former Community Center.  It looks fabulous!

Finally decided it was not going to frost again this season and started bringing my plants out of the garage.  Got everything out but my cactus on Saturday night.  It is wonderful to be able to mow, to weed and to plant flowers again.  My body is a good kind of tired after mowing and weeding for several hours today.  Spring is just a wonderful season with so much promise.

Went to Macomb on Monday and found that Walmart had their plants out.  Aldi’s had large hand-woven rugs for a very reasonable price so I bought another one.  Put one on my back porch last season and it adds color and is nice for the kitties too.  Had a tenderloin at Hy-Vee.  They are very good and much larger than the bun as are all tenderloins in this area.  Think we are lucky as I understand that breaded tenderloin sandwiches are not available in other parts of the country.

Attended the Village Board meeting on Wednesday.  There were many items on the agenda including police action, problems at the cemetery, talk of grants for the water plant which needs to be replaced, mention of ordinances which need to be enforced and much more.  It was a long but good meeting.  Our chief of police is running for sheriff of McDonough County but hope, no matter the outcome of the election, that he will remain with Plymouth.

Thursday was the Lowderman auction which featured 80 Aladdin lamps and 40 quilts.  Even though there was a lot of interest in the lamps, I was able to buy several as well as some parts for them.  Was glad to be able to get parts as they can be very expensive if one has to buy new ones if you can even find them.  I now have mantles which are not available from my supplier as yet.  Also, other parts if you need them.  Only bought two quilts as they were newer quilts and my customers prefer older hand pieced quilts.  Was a good day as I was also able to buy two pieces of painted furniture, only problem was that I could not fit all my purchase in my van.  Good problem to have.

A friend and I went to Hotel Nauvoo on Friday evening.  It was packed.  Think that people were celebrating Mother’ Day early as the Hotel was not open today.  I understand that is because they cannot find enough employees.  Do not understand that but guess we just have to accept it.  Strange happenings since covid.

I understand that Ameren is raising their rates in June because of the situation in Ukraine.  Do not understand what effect the war in Ukraine has on Ameren either.  Hate to be negative but it does seem like we are being price gouged just because companies can do it.  There are those that blame our president for high gas prices but they need to realize that one person does not set world gasoline prices.

The Plymouth Old Settlers committee had a matador fund raiser on Saturday evening.  Seemed to be a decent crowd plus I saw a lot of carry out orders.

Went to my store over an hour early Saturday to unload furniture and found both stores had side by sides parked in front of them.  Have never seen so many in one place.  They dispersed pretty quickly.  Backed my van up to unload and two gentlemen quickly asked if I needed help which I did as one cupboard was very heavy.  Was very grateful for the assistance.  Thank You.

Have my fish ponds uncovered and there are three large fish in one pond and one huge bull frog in another, think the huge frog may have consumed some of my fish over winter.

Today is Mother’s Day.  Hope all you ladies had a great day.  Even if we are not all technically mothers, we all care for others or kitties or something so we “mother” in many ways.  My niece brought me orchids!  Thank you.

Hope you had a good week and that you enjoy the warmer weather which is supposed to get here this week.  Seems like we have waited a very long time for spring.  Am sure the tractors will be running all night.  Watch out for machinery on the roads.  Have a safe week.  Scatter Kindness.



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