We Are Community for the week of May16th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 97

Busy week.  I have the WGEM weather app on my phone.  I love it but had voice alerts on it and they got out of hand sometimes coming on every half hour or so even when I was trying to sleep.  I turned off the sound on the app.  WGEM weather personnel were at Hy-Vee in Macomb on Tuesday so I took my phone in to see if we could get weather alerts but not constant station alerts.  Don’t know yet if we got that accomplished.

Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday evening.  We celebrated with a pot luck supper.  Was great to see everyone and to enjoy each lady’s special dish.  We meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month starting again in September and we would love to welcome new members!

Rod Cookson and James Aleshire both stopped by the store on Thursday.  I introduced them as they have the former funeral home in Plymouth in common.

Spent part of the week loading for 3rd Sunday Market in Bloomington and headed out Saturday morning.  Got set up in good time and sold one small doll on set up day.  That is not good.  However, Sunday started with a bang and I had a great show until about 10:30 then things slowed down considerably.  Though there were few customers after noon, it was still a good show for me.  I have a great booth next to the food court and the rest rooms so get to see everyone and it is such fun to people watch when sales slowdown.

My niece came to help me pack so we went to our favorite restaurant to celebrate after packing.  The Imperial Buffet was closed for a couple of years during COVID but is back and as great as ever.  Love that place!

The drive home was amazing.  There was a bit of rain so by the time I hit Cuba there was a double rainbow.  Pulled over to try to photograph it but someone pulled in behind me.  Think he thought I was up to no good.  I could not get the complete arch but one of my friends did and sent me a lovely photo of the complete rainbow.  After the rainbow, there was a very pretty sunset and a full moon to enjoy as I drove.  There was also fog!  When I got home it was time for the lunar eclipse so I have been sitting in front of my garage watching that.  Too bad there is so much light pollution in town however one could still observe the total eclipse.

As you can image, B&B guests, loading for a show, doing the show, loading again and driving home from Bloomington has me feeling pretty tired so will just wish for you to have a great week and ask that you remember to scatter kindness once again.


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