We Are Community for the week of April 3rd, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

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We all know the saying “In like a lion, out like a lamb” about March.  Don’t remember the first day of March but certainly do remember the last day.  March definitely left us with a roar.  I was at the store during the worst of the storms.  That is good because one of the buildings of the store was a bank.  It has a vault made of 29 inch thick concrete reinforced with rail road track.  My NOAA radio and my phone took turns telling me of storms and threats in the area.  Once again, we were lucky.  Friends sent me photos of tornadoes both well north and well south of our area. The photos were great but just don’t like storms.

Our sympathy to the family of Gary Clampitt who passed on March 28th.  Was honored to have some of the family stay with me on Friday evening.  Puff was very interested that one of the granddaughters is a veterinarian and had to visit with her for a while.  Gary will certainly be missed by all his family and friends.

I have done antique shows since I opened the store 41 years ago.  It is a way to sell more goods, meet friends, buy goods and more.  It is also a lot of work.  Since I sold my big white truck a few years ago, I now work out of a van for shows.  I haul 4 table tops and legs with me and as I always have the same number of tables, I need the same amount of merchandise to fill the tables but it must also fit in one van.  Over the years I have pretty much figured all this out and pack exactly 12 banana boxes for each show.  These 12 boxes always go in the van the same way to maximize contents of my load.  I had help loading in and out of my last show and when the helper brought out the last of the boxes, I was one short.  Went back into the building and sure enough, there were no more boxes.  This is not a good feeling.  Losing a whole box of merchandise could really hurt the bottom line of a show.  Also there was the possibility of it being the box that contained my cash register and all the supplies needed to do any show.  Last Sunday, I unloaded the entire van.  Usually takes most of a week to do that.  I was really happy to not find anything missing.  I also take photos of my booth when it is set up and the photos also showed nothing missing except what I had sold.  I have no idea why there was a box missing but it seems that the box was the only thing missing.  Walmart was happy to give me two new banana boxes.  A story with a happy ending.

Love to eat at Hotel Nauvoo.  Took Ed Newton there on Saturday evening.  His birthday was Friday and we planned to go then but the weather did not cooperate and was glad to be home for the Clampitt family.

There was information about five planets being in line this week.  I could find three really bright ones.  Love star gazing.

I really think spring is here to stay now.  The grass has greened and the flowers are blooming.  We did not have a “bad” winter but I am so ready for warmer weather.  Have ridden my bicycle three times already.  Please slow down and move over when you see walkers or bicyclists on the highway.  Not a good time to be looking at your phone either.  Our stoneware groups have many Facebook pages and we all post photos.  I know there is still a lot of snow in Minnesota and so thankful that is not the case here.

This week is Easter week.  There will be many church services available.  Living Faith will have services both Thursday and Friday at 7 pm and sunrise service at 6:30 am followed by breakfast and the regular service at 9 am instead of the usual 10 am so people can attend both services.

Have a good week.  Remember one cannot celebrate Easter Sunday without going through Good Friday.  Life is not always happy.  Scatter Kindness

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