We Are Community for the week of March 27th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 143

My first antique show of 2023 is in the books.  It is at Paris, Missouri.  Other dealers that I do 3rd Sunday with also show at Paris.  It is a great quality show though it is a small show-about 50 dealers, I think.  Had a good weekend.  Paris even has a motel just a few blocks from the show which also has a restaurant and had special hours for us.  I did find that one can smoke in a restaurant in Missouri which is very unpleasant when you are trying to eat.  Oh well.  A big thank you to friends who came to the show and to the sponsors who do so much work to make everything go smoothly.

Had a call to look at some antiques this week.  Really appreciate those calls as there are few auctions right now and I still need to buy for the store.  The problem with this particular look see was that the lady had bought nice things several years ago and prices have dropped on a lot of antiques.  Not fun to tell someone that something they paid a lot for is now worth much less that they paid.  Was not able to buy any of her things for this reason.  If you do have nice things you need to find a new home for, please call me.  I especially like hand made quilts, primitives, small furniture, stoneware, wooden things and much more.

My daffodils are blooming out much more today.  Some were starting to bloom when the temperature got down to 14 degrees.  Those are doing fine but some which were just budded are bent over and unhappy.  Just love daffodils as yellow is my favorite color and they are so pretty and cheerful and some of the earliest flowers to bloom.  Also notice that my grass is starting to green up after our .6-inch rain on Friday or Saturday.  Put out my rain gage as I think the freezing is mostly over.  Nice to have it warm enough to have the door open at store today and window down in van as I was driving.

Last Tuesday I packed 11.5 banana boxes for the show.  Usually don’t pack them all at once because that is a lot.  Today I unpacked 11 boxes all in one afternoon.  No need for a workout at the gym when you are an antique dealer!

The scammers never take a break. This week I got an email requesting that I update the information on my Wells Fargo account.  Of course, I do not have a Wells Fargo account so knew that was just an attempt to get my information.  Really wish those people would get a real job.

Got a check for $81.81 this week and as I like numbers, I noticed.  Then when I saw that the check number was also 8181, I tried  to figure the odds of that happening.  If my statistics course serves me correctly the chance of getting 81.81 for an amount is about 1 in 9000 and the chance of getting the check number is obviously 1 in 8181 but could not figure out the odds of both happening.  Anyone out here better at math than I am?

Read in the paper that Gamage Appliance in Macomb is closing.  That makes me very sad.  I am not a great shopper and I liked to just be able to go there when I needed a frig, freezer, microwave and TVs.  They always had something I could use and would deliver and set up and take away my old appliances.

I think perhaps asking people to scatter kindness may not be enough for some.  When I listen to the news, I find there are many good things happing but also many bad things.  It is not ok to shoot people.  It is not ok to hate someone because of their skin color or their religion.  It is not ok to say awful things to or about people.  It is not ok to do things that destroy the only planet we have to live on. It is not ok to drink and drive or to use the phone while driving.  The list goes on.  It is also not ok to support those who do these things.  Let’s try extra hard this week to be kind, to be sympathetic, to help when we can and to just be a descent caring person.  That’s not too much to ask of anyone.  Love your neighbor as yourself and if you yourself need some work, get on it!

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